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How to Install a Ceiling Fan and Wire the Switch

ceiling fan install
Summary: Ceiling Fan Installation: This series of photos show the electric wire to ceiling fan box, preparing to mount the ceiling fan box,wire into the ceiling fan box through a wire bushing, attaching the ground wire, mounting the cradle bracket, the ceiling fan wires are connected, close the canopy, attach the fan blades and wiring a double stack switch,installing double stack switch, and explain how to connect the ceiling fan wiring blue wire.

Install a Ceiling Fan and Wire the Switch

Continuing with this ceiling fan installation

I have stapled the cable close to the area where the new ceiling fan box will be mounted to the ceiling. Now I am ready to install the ceiling fan box.

This box comes with a plastic bushing which protects the wire along with the heavy duty mounting screws. It is a good idea to drill a pilot hole first before installing the screws to avoid the wood from splitting.

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Mounting the Ceiling Fan Electrical Wire Box to the Cross Support and Installing the Cable

electric wire to ceiling fan box prepare mount ceiling fan box
The Attic electrical wiring is secured to the cross piece. The Cable and block are ready for ceiling fan wire box.
wire into ceiling fan box wire bushing ceiling fan box mounted
Wire into Ceiling Fan Electrical Box
Ceiling fan cable is protected using an insulated bushing.
Ceiling Fan Wiring Box Mounted
Ceiling fan box is mounted to the cross support wood block.
ceiling fan ground wire ceiling fan cradle bracket
Ceiling Fan Ground Wire
Ceiling fan ground wire is bonded to the box.
Ceiling Fan Cradle Bracket
The ceiling fan cradle assembly is mounted.

With the ceiling electrical box mounted in place I am ready for the ceiling fan cradle bracket. After stripping the cable and cutting away the outside sheath cover, I feed the wires through the center opening of the bracket. When using a remote control module the wires can be brought down on the side of the bracket to allow space for the module to slide into place above the ceiling fan stem.

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ceiling fan wiring wires connected to ceiling fan
Ceiling Fan Electrical Wiring
The electrical wires are ready to be connected with the ceiling fan. Notice the wiring from the electrical box and the green ground wire attached to the ceiling fan mounting bracket.
Electrical Wires Connected to Ceiling Fan
The ceiling fan mounting assembly is in place and the connected electrical wires and wire connectors are gently folded into the open canopy space where they will be protected when the final cover is installed..
ceiling fan canopy ceiling fan blades mounted
Ceiling Fan Canopy
The ceiling fan canopy cover is placed over the mounting assembly and the screws have been installed.
Ceiling fan blades mounted
The ceiling fan blades are mounted to the ceiling fan motor after the electrical wire connections are made and the cover has been installed.
Installing the ceiling fan motor assembly requires paying attention to what needs to be placed on the stem of the assembly and in what order. For example the canopy which covers the ceiling fan box and cradle bracket needs to slide over the stem before this assembly goes in place,.Otherwise once you discover this vital piece is missing everything needs to be undone and the assembly taken down and the canopy put in place. Also be aware that some ceiling fans come with a plastic ring which slides up around the canopy to fit tight against the ceiling to hide the canopy mounting screws. Another part that is easy to miss on some ceiling fans is a small cap that covers the top of the motor where the stem attaches. This is usually included with fans that have a longer stem.
wiring double stack switch installing double stack switch
Wiring a Double Switch or a Stack Switch
A tandem double switch or stack switch will be used to control the ceiling fan motor and the ceiling fan light. This type of switch provides two separate switches from one space of one single space.
Installing the Double Stack Switch
The stack switch or double switch mounts nicely next to an existing light switch This type of installation uses the existing electrical box and prevents having to replace the wall box with a larger wiring box..
wall switch for ceiling fan Details about wiring the switch
A double stack switch enables two switches to be installed into the space of one single switch, this way you will have a few options for wiring as you desire, such as wiring so the top switch controls the light and the bottom switch controls the fan motor. One side of the switch is where the power is connected and the other side has a separate connection for each function.

Additional Resources

Metal Electrical Box Ceiling Fan Installation Manual

Here is the Detailed Instruction Manual for the Ceiling Fan Metal Pan Box [PDF]


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Questions about Wiring a Ceiling Fan and Switch

Connecting the Ceiling Fan Wiring Blue Wire

What to do with the Blue Wire of the Ceiling Fan
I have a ceiling fan with 4wires a green blue white black. I only need the black white and green so can I just put a wire nut on the blue wire? Or is it a functional wire?

Dave's Reply: The blue wire is for the light fixture of a standard ceiling fan. If your ceiling fan does not have a light kit installed or you do not plan to add a light kit, then yes, you could just cap off the end of the blue wire with a small blue or orange wire nut.

Wiring a Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Hooking Up a Ceiling Fan Remote Control
I am hooking up a ceiling fan with a remote control and I have a white, black and red wire coming from the ceiling. I only need to use the black and the white. What should i do with the red wire? Thanks, Steve.

Dave's Reply: Steve, in this case just cap off the red wire with a wire nut and connect to the black and white wire for your power source to the remote control module.

Ceiling Fan Remote Controls and Other Switches

Options for Wiring a Ceiling Fan Remote Control
I have a ceiling fan with a remote control. Do you have to have a wall switch to control it, or can you control it only with the remote? What have you experienced?

Dave's Reply: Bryan, I have wired various ceiling fan remote configurations. Remotes can be wired with any control combination, just be aware that the more controls, the greater the possibility of confusion. When a typical wall switch is used, it serves as the master power source, so the remote will not have the power to function if the wall switch is off. The same applies to the position of pull chain switches on the ceiling fan, which can limit the level of light and motor speed.


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