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Home Generators and Portable Generators

electric-generator Summary: Home Generators, Portable Generators and Transfer Switches. This series covers a wide variety of topics all about home generators including sizing, selecting, connecting and safely operating this all important addition to your home.
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Guide to Home Generators and Transfer Switches

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Introduction to Home Generators

In this section about home generators we will cover how to select the right generator for your home. To properly select a generator we will discuss the devices and circuits that are commonly required for the essential operation of the home.

The size of the home and the occupants may also be a factor as well. In some cases a portable generator may provide the level of power needed for just a few essential devices and small appliances. However, when undertaking a project of such importance it may be wise not to under estimate the electrical devices used on a daily basis that may be required if the normal electric utility power has been lost. In some areas where severe weather occurs, a home may be without normal utility power for several days, therefore these possibilities should be taken into consideration so you will be better prepared.

wiring home generator and transfer switch

Generator and Transfer Switch

Generators For Home Use

Help for selecting a stand by generator for home use with explanations about emergency generators and stand by generators.

Using Home Generators

This article discusses how to select and use residential home generators.

Basic Generators

Lets see how a back up generator works and provides power to your home electrical requirements.

Stand By Generators

This series describes stand by generators for home use and will explain about all the important features found with emergency generators and stand by generators.

All About Home Generators

When it comes to home generators size does matter. This article all about home-generators will help you understand the basics of a whole house generator. Lets look at the features of a whole house generator system.

Stationary Generator System

Lets look at what makes an Stationary Generator System special when it comes to your choice of home generators.

How to Select A Home Generator

Selecting and Sizing a Home Generator How to rate a generator for your application requirements.This handy guide will help you understand generator ratings as it applies to your home generator project.

Generator Sizing

This generator sizing series describes the methods used to match your home electrical requirements to a generator system.

Generator Guidelines

This helpful generator sizing and selection guideline will help you consider the generator size for the best value when selecting your home generator.

7kw Generator - Why Kw and KVA are so Important

Lets take a look at kw and kVA and why this is an important consideration when selecting a home generator.

10kw Stand By Generator

Lets see why a stand by generator can be one of the most reliable types of generator for your home.

13kw Emergency Generator

Lets take a look at the difference between a portable generator and an emergency power generator and what makes them very dependable.

16kw Generator Whole House Generator

Lets take a look at whole house generators and see how your home can benefit from the convenience of owning one.

Generator Transfer Switch

See how a transfer switch ensures a safe isolation of the electric utility company and your home generator.

Generator Transfer Switches

This series describes types of generator transfer switches and how they are installed and used with home generators.

Portable Home Generators

Portable electric generators for home use and the proper electrical connection to your home.

Portable Generators

Portable generators provide a lower amount of electrical power. Portable generators offer the best value and are great for powering up individual essential circuits or small loads.

Generator Safety

Consider these guidelines to help understand if a portable home generator is a good idea for your home.

Questions and Answers About Home Generators

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Generators which leads to full featured pages with photos and wiring diagrams to help you with your home generators project.


Questions about Home Generators

Electrical Question from Deb

[ad#block]Question: I am thinking of purchasing a 17KW Generac to replace the current generator in my house. There is approx 50′ of 6/3 with ground copper from the generator to the transfer switch. Will this wiring work with the 17KW?

This electrical question came from: Deb in Canada.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Deb.
Larger generators have more than one electrical outlets that are provided to connect to. Therefore, the size of the cord should be sized for the outlet that a cord will be connected to on the generator.

New and Updated about: Home Generator Sizes

What type of generator for a Clothes Dryer?
What type of generator would I need to run a clothes dryer?
This electrical wiring question came from George, a Homeowner in Thornburg, Virginia.

A typical 240volt electric clothes dryer requires 5.5kw, or 5500 watts. Because all dryers are not exactly the same be sure to check the power requirements for your specific dryer as provided by the manufacturer.
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Generator Sizing Tables
Generator Sizing Calculator

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