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How to Install Home Light Fixtures

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Summary: An informative series about do-it-yourself lighting for the home that will reveal several options for improving your home lighting. This guide will help educate you about several options and styles available for your next home improvement project.

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Your Guide to Do-It-Yourself Lighting for the Home

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How to Install Recessed Lights

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Topics including:
Recessed Lighting
The Basics of installing Recessed Lighting
Under cabinet Lighting
The Basics of installing Under cabinet Lighting

These articles also include:
Job notes from lighting projects
Electrical codes for lighting
Tools used to install lighting
Home lighting materials

Install and Wire Light Fixtures

How to Install Recessed Lighting

The basic finish of the installed recessed light fixture with the light socket mounting plate which may be adjusted or removed for the light socket plate assembly to prepare for the light trim.

Recessed Lighting Placement

Options for placing and installing recessed lighting Wall wash recessed lighting for a special room, Kitchen recessed lighting for a clean appearance, Above window recessed lighting brightens up the day, Hallway recessed lighting provides a safe passageway, Fireplace recessed lighting will add extra warmth and glow.

Under Cabinet Kitchen Lights

Under cabinet lighting will blend well with other lighting and provide a soft level of light to enhance your kitchen countertops and will balance the kitchen lighting and help to lighten up dark corners.

How to Install Under Cabinet Lights

Step-by-Step Pictures Installation Guide Pre-wiring for under cabinet lights, Selecting the right under cabinet lights, Mounting Hardware for the under cabinet lights, Locating the under cabinet lights, Finished under cabinet light project.

Kitchen Lighting and Ventilation

Kitchen task lighting will promote safety while accent lighting will enhance your kitchen. A well ventilated kitchen will prevent odors from entering other areas of the home.

Types Of Outdoor Garden Lighting

There are many types and styles of outdoor lighting. Consider these different types of light fixtures when planning your outdoor home lighting project.

Outdoor Motion Fixtures

Installing motion detector lighting fixtures provide security and energy savings and they can easily replace an existing exterior wall fixture.

Motion Detectors

Motion detector heads can be purchased and added to existing fixtures that have the appropriate fixture adapter cover. If you wish, you can build your own fixture just by selecting the compatible parts from your hardware store. Make sure all the parts are rated for exterior use.

Lighting Covered Stairs

Covered stairways are an access point for many homes and adequate lighting is essential to provide safety and security in these areas.

Light Bulbs

Lighting with a variety of light bulbs compliments all the rooms or your home and gives you the ability to set the kind of mood and appeal you desire.

Learn About Lighting For The Home

Learn about The Science of Light and Lighting for Homes.

Home Lighting Articles

Home Lighting Articles covering recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, lighting terminology and more.

Home Garden Systems

Make your home garden come alive with outdoor lighting and keep the yard green by installing a water sprinkler control system.
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Questions about Home Lighting

Hanging a Light Fixture in Place of a Ceiling Fan

Ed, from Henderson, Nevada asks:
I am hanging a light fixture with a single on / off switch to it. The box in the ceiling has a white, red, black and ground wire. I think it is set up for a ceiling fan, however, I am only hanging a light fixture which has two wires and a ground. Which wires do I use for the fixture coming from the ceiling?

Hi Ed,
Typically the Ceiling Fan wiring is as follows:
White Neutral, Black for the Ceiling Fan Motor, and the Red for the Light of the Ceiling Fan and the bare copper or Green for the Ground connection.
There is generally a separate switch for the fan and the light, and this is what you will have to verify and decide which type of switch control you would like or are limited to. This will also reveal which wire will be used for the new light fixture that will be replacing the ceiling fan.


More about Lighting for the

Outdoor Lighting For The Home
Wire or cable type normally used here to feed such an outside light or if it would be ok in electrical plastic or metal conduit...

How to Repair Landscape Lighting
How can I fix my low voltage outside landscape lights? How to Inspect and Repair Landscape Lighting.

Recessed Lighting Designs and Installation Factors
Installing Recessed Lighting: Factors to Consider when Choosing Recessed Lighting: I am installing recessed incandescent fixtures in a basement room with no ceiling insulation.

How to Pass an Electrical Inspection for Recessed Lighting
Electrical Wiring Methods for Recessed Light Fixtures: Installing the Electrical Wiring, Terminating the Electrical Wire, Connecting the Wire to the Light Fixture.

Recessed Light Conversion Kit and Task Lighting
Why Recessed Light Conversion Kits May Be Better than Installing New Light Fixtures: How to Convert a Light Fixture for More Light and Energy Savings.

Tips for Outdoor Christmas Lighting
Installing Outdoor Christmas Holiday Lights: Safe Practices for Installing Outdoor Christmas Lights.

How to Fix a Dusk to Dawn Lighting Problem
How to Fix a Dusk to Dawn Lighting Problem with a new lamp: The Most Common Problems with a CFL Dusk to Dawn Fluorescent Light and How to Fix Them.

Motion Sensor Controlled Landscape Lighting
How can I use a motion sensor to control my outdoor landscape lights? How to Use a Motion Sensor to Control Landscape Lighting, A Solution to Motion Controlled Landscape Lighting.

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