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Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Ceiling Fan Wiring Summary: Ceiling fan remote controls can be extremely useful, especially when it comes to controlling the lighting separately from the fan speed.
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How to Install and Wire a Remote Control for a Ceiling Fan

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When using a remote control, operate the ceiling fan using the pull chains and make sure the fan speed is on the high-speed setting and the lights are full on. The pull chains will over ride the remote control operations.

You could get confused if you turn the ceiling fan or light "off" using the pull chain and wonder why the wall switch does not operate the ceiling fan or light. My suggestion is to remove the longer extensions of the pull chains when using remote control units.

Electric Remote Control Units for Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Wiring

Typical Remote Control Switch Unit
The standard remote package comes with a module which is installed into the fan cradle assembly and the hand remote. Some units come with a saddle that can be attached to the wall making it easy for you to find and operate.
A remote control for your ceiling fan can take the place of the wall switch and most of the remote controls will allow you to select three speeds for the fan operation and three levels of light.

Ceiling Fan Remote Temperature Control More Remote Control Features as an Electric Switch
Extended features are available with some of the newer remote units including programmable temperature control and time controls. As far as I know they still won't get the coffee pot brewing, but I'll show you how to automate that process on another page.


Ceiling Fan Remote Control Electric Wiring and Settings

  ceiling fan remote control wiring diagram A typical ceiling fan remote control is wired as shown in this wiring diagram. The power coming in is connected to the Black and White AC Supply wires.
The Ceiling Fan Control Wires are - Black for the Fan Motor, Blue for the Light Fixture and the White Neutral wire is shared for both the Fan Motor and the Light. The Green or Bare Copper wire is connected to the Green wire(s) of the Ceiling Fan.
ceiling fan remote control settings The ceiling fan remote control Code Settings at the hand held transmitter remote control and the ceiling fan receiver module must be the same for operation. Multiple fans can be controlled by one remote control.
Ceiling Fans in separate rooms must have different codes. Labeling the hand held remotes will avoid confusion.
Don't forget to install a 9 volt battery as required for most units.


Ceiling Fans

More about Wiring Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

ceiling fan remote control
Remote Control Units for Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fan remote controls allow you to control the lighting separately from the fan speed, even when your electrical wiring did not provide separate wall switches. Identifying and wiring ceiling fan remote control units.

Part 1 - Introduction to Remote Control Modules

Part 2 - Locating the Frequency Switches and Settings

Part 3 - Replacing a Wall Switch with a Remote Control Switch

Part 4 - Installing a Remote Control Hugger Ceiling Fan

Remote Control Ceiling Fans - Articles

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Questions about Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

Why a Ceiling Fan Remote Module May Be Going Bad

Mike, from Parsippany, New Jersey asks:
I installed a new Hampton Bay ceiling fan and a new remote control. The fan and remote worked fine for 2/3 weeks and all of a sudden it stopped working. I changed the remote module and it worked for a second and again same problem. The fan works fine if I remove the remote receiver. Why is the remote receiver going bad? Is there any problem in wiring?

The first thing I would ask is if there is a dimmer switch that controls the power to the ceiling fan. If so then the dimmer switch must be replaced with a regular light switch. Dimmer switches may not be used to control the power to a ceiling fan that has a remote control setup.

Wiring a Ceiling Fan Wireless Remote Control

How to Wire a Ceiling Fan Wireless Remote Control Module: Common Mistakes with Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Switches and Remote Controls, Remote Control Module Unit Applications.

How to Wire a Remote Control Ceiling Fan

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Adding a Remote Control Module to a Ceiling Fan

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If Your Ceiling Fan Stopped Working Try This

I installed a remote controlled ceiling fan several years ago. It worked great until recently, now the light and the fan will not turn on: Common Problems with Ceiling Fans and Remote Controls.

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