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How to Wire GFCI Ground Fault Receptacle Outlets

Summary: This list of articles will help you learn about the features and benefits provided by GFI and GFCI Receptacles and how they are wired.
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GFI and GFCI Receptacles Protect Against Ground Faults

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Wire a GFCI Outlet without a Ground Wire

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Home Electrical GFCI Outlets

These outlets are commonly 15 Amp-125 Volt @ Receptacle , 20 Amp-125 Volt Feed-Through.

The GFCI receptacle has a NEMA 5-15R design finished with a nylon wall plate and screws which are included.

These devices are back and side wired, and come in a variety of colors including white, ivory, almond with more colors available to help match your decor.

Wiring for GFCI Outlets

Wiring GFCI Outlets

GFI Outlets

Complete listing of articles about GFI Outlets which leads to full featured pages with photos and wiring diagrams to help you with your GFI outlets project.

How to Wire A Single GFI Outlet

Illustrated Guide for Wiring a Single GFCI Receptacle Outlet typically used as Bathroom GFI, Kitchen GFI, Outside GFI and Garage GFI Outlet. Photos show Step-By-Step Basics Including attaching wires to the GFI Outlet on the line side of the back of the receptacle.

GFCI Outlet Wiring Method

This article and the electrical wiring diagram will show you how to install a GFI using the feed through method which will protect more than one outlet.

GFCI Wiring Method

Article shows outlet wiring a GFI using the tailed method. The tailed wiring method enables you to install one GFI outlet to protect one location without affecting other devices on the circuit.

GFCI Code Requirements

This article explains the basics of the electrical code requirements for GFI Protection as part of the home electrical wiring system.

GFCI Circuits and Outlets

This article about GFCI outlets for home electrical use will provide a more in depth understanding about gfi protection and provides wiring examples.

House Wiring Diagram For GFI

The features and benefits of GFCI outlets and receptacles will give you a clear understanding of the importance why these safety devices are required by code to help protect you and your family against accidental electrical shock hazards.

How to Install Electric Snow and Ice Melting System

Electric Heat Cables would be a great choice to control snow and ice on open walk ways and stairs.

Home Electrical GFI Receptacles and GFI Outlets Information

Features and Benefits of GFI

The National Electrical Code (NEC) has acted in response to a Consumer Product Safety Commission study that documented injuries to children caused by their inserting pins, keys and other foreign objects into electrical receptacles.

The 10-year study (1991-2001) revealed that over 24,000 children under 10 years old were treated in emergency rooms for incidents related to home electrical outlets and receptacles: an average of 2400 per year, 7 per day. Tamper-resistant receptacles have been mandated in hospital pediatric wards for over 20 years and are proven to effectively prevent electrical injuries.

Features and Benefits of the Home electrical GFI Outlets

  • Automatically test the GFCI every time the RESET button is pushed in. The GFCI will not reset if the GFCI circuit in not functioning properly.
  • By blocking reset of the GFCI if protection has been compromised, the features found in a quality GFCI reduces the possibility of end-users incorrectly assuming that the reset home electrical gfi outlets are providing ground fault protection when it actually is not.
  • A line-load reversal diagnostic feature is provided which prevents the GFCI from being reset and stops power from being fed to the GFCI receptacle face or through to downstream devices. A green LED indicator on the GFCI's face also illuminate4s to alert the installer to the line-load wiring reversal.
  • Some GFCI's use a trip latch mechanism which is a one piece "T" design for efficient operation
  • There are 4 sets of contacts for load terminals and face. GFCIs use a sophisticated technology to ensure efficient operation
  • Trip threshold meets or exceeds UL requirements for tripping time
  • Improved immunity to high-frequency noise reduces nuisance tripping
  • Advanced electronics design provides superior resistance to electrical surges and over-voltages
  • Expanded wiring options for home electrical gfi outlets with nine back-wire holes two for each line and load connection plus one for ground with an internal clamp)

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