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Install an Airplane Ceiling Fan: Part 2


Summary: The Airplane Ceiling Fan installation continues as with the fan motor being hung from the ceiling canopy.
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How to Install an Airplane Ceiling Fan - Part #2

airplane-ceilingfan-9 Next - I had to attach some suspension that allowed the outside enclosure to hang in place while I connected up all the wiring. Kind of reminded me how the cables on the old bi-planes stretched between the two wings, that was the very first airplane ride that my Dad gave me and my Brother when we were kids at an air show.
airplane-ceiling-fan-10 The outside enclosure is now screwed to the base and we are ready for the blades to be attached.
airplane-ceilingfan-11 Ah yes - now this is looking good, all I need to do is screw in the lamp and cover the bulb with the fixture cover.
airplane-ceiling-fan-12 This looks great! The owner is ready for action!
airplane-ceiling-fan13 Contact - we have rotation! All we need is some paint on the ceiling. Yes, the owner was all excited to see his airplane ceiling fan up and working and wanted it hung before the paint - I don't recommend this due to the difficulties that can happen. Ceiling fans are usually last to go up.
airplane-ceiling-fan-14 This airplane ceiling fan will be a great addition for this room - fun stuff!

Nice set of easy to understand instructions, even in my native tongue!

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