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3Way and 4way Switch Wiring

3way 4way switch diagram
Summary: 3 way and 4 way switches and how they are wired for home lighting applications.
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Wiring 3way and 4way Switches

Electrical Wiring Video

How to Wire a 3Way and 4Way Light Switches

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3 way and 4 way switches are often used for applications where 3 or more switches are required.

Ideal locations would be a long hallway where there are more than two bedrooms and bathrooms which are accessed from the same hallway.

Light switches for the hallway light may be conveniently located outside each door leading into the hallway. In these applications 3 way and 4 way light switches may be used.

3way and 4way Switch Wiring Diagram

3way and 4way switch diagram

Special planning must be taken when wiring 3way and 4way switches that will work together in the same area.

The 3-ware cable is installed through each light switch box location, however the 3wauy switches are installed at each end of the hallway and 4way switches are installed in all the switch locations in between the 3way switch locations.

There are several ways to wire 3way and 4way switches, but the key to wiring then is where the power enters the switching circuit , and where the wiring feeds up to the light fixtures.

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