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Bathroom Electrical Wiring

Summary: Fully Explained Photos and Wiring Diagrams for Bathroom Electrical Wiring with Code Requirements for most new or remodel projects*.

How to Install Bathroom Electrical Wiring

Code requirements and energy efficient specifications now incorporate an energy saving design along with safety features that help to protect you and your family while enjoying your newly completed bathroom project.

Something to Consider:
Beautiful additions and upgrades to your bathroom can increase your home value, while providing tax incentives for you. Tax incentives may be available from your local electrical utility company.

Some local codes require the installation of fluorescent fixtures during new construction and remodeling projects.
Check with your local electrical utility provider or agency for more information*.

Bathroom Blueprint and Wiring Design Layout

Home electrical wiring for bathrooms -
Plan Design by: Heidi Agler

Code requirements and energy efficient specifications now incorporate the following methods into a new or remodeled bathroom project.

Bathroom Electrical Code Requirements

Bathroom Wiring Diagram Occupancy Sensor Home electrical wiring for bathrooms lighting must be either: on dimmer switches, provide a "manual-on occupancy sensor", or be all fluorescent lighting.
Bathroom GFI Receptacle Bathroom receptacles are to be supplied by at least one 20 amp branch circuit. This circuit shall have no other outlets except bathroom receptacles. Bathroom outlets must be protected by a GFCI device. More about GFCI devices.
Bathroom Exhaust Fan Wiring Diagram
All bathroom exhaust fans shall provide a minimum of 5 air changes per hour. More about bath exhaust fans.
Jacuzzi Tub Wiring Hydro massage bathtubs and their associated electrical components must have GFCI - ground fault circuit interrupter.
All electric motors shall be readily accessible for servicing purposes.

Enjoy Your Bathroom Experience with these Improvement Ideas

Safety, Comfort and Practicality - Project Options for a Great Bathroom

Bathroom Electrical Circuit Wiring

GFCI Floor Heat Jacuzzi Tub

Ground Fault Protection Floor Heat Jacuzzi Tub
Bath Exhaust Fan Bath Light Exhaust Unit Heat Lamp Fan
Lighted Exhaust Fan Exhaust Fan with Lamp Exhaust Fan with Heater
Motion Light Switch Recessed Lighting Make Up Mirror
Occupancy Sensor Recessed Lighting Lighted Make-Up Mirror
Bathroom Lighting Lighting Dimmer Ceiling Fan
Vanity Fixture Romantic Dimmer Ceiling Fan
Vented Toilet Seat Electric Bidet Ceiling Fan
Vented Toilet Seat Bidet Speed & Light Control

Additional Bathroom Electrical Wiring Options

Home Electrical Wiring for Bathrooms
Ground Fault Circuit Interruption - Protected Receptacles


Exhaust Fan
Exhaust Fan and Light with Energy Saver Fluorescent Lights**
Exhaust Fan and Heat Lamp
Exhaust Fan, Light and Heat with Down Draft Blower
Ceiling Fan
Vented Toilet Seat -What a Great Idea!


Vanity Lighting with Slide Dimmer
Shower Stall - Flush Light


Lighted Make-Up Mirror

Comfort and Relaxation

Jacuzzi Tub
Steam Shower

Energy Savings

Occupancy Sensor - Ideal when used with Exhaust Fans

More about Bathroom Electrical Wiring


Questions about Bathroom Wiring


Robert asks::
The other night we hooked up a new sauna. While running the sauna one of the kids started the washer and it tripped the circuit breaker. I reset circuit breaker but now I have no power to the lights fan in the downstairs living room. On the east wall of living room two outlets have no power and the downstairs bathroom light switch has no power. I removed and replace circuit breaker and removed and replace both outlets in the living room. I also replaced the light switch in the bathroom, but still no power? All other outlets work in the downstairs living room. I'm Puzzled

Dave's reply:
Robert, I can't help to be curious about the addition of the sauna circuit and how it was installed. When something like this occurs, I always work the problem backwards starting with the most recent work that has been done and begin an inspection of what exactly was done and by who, and of course was it done according to code and inspected, with the GFCI for the sauna being tested. Once the sauna circuit installation has been verified to be ok, then a process of testing and inspections would need to take place starting at the electrical panel by a qualified electrician in order to find out exactly what the cause is.

More About Bathroom Wiring

Questions about Bathroom Electrical Wiring

Question from Joe, a Homeowner in Mariposa, California:
My bathroom light and fan do not work when switched on, what could be the problem?

The age of our home is 30 years, and there is a problem in the guest bathroom where the light and fan do not work when switched on. Each has its own separate switch. There is one GFCI plug installed in the bathroom. The GFCI has two pair of wires; one pair (hot) is connected to the LINE connectors on the GFCI connector. The second set of wires are connected to the LOAD section. The GFCI appears to be okay.

Also, the adjoining master bedroom has two outlets that do not have power.

The circuit breakers in the electrical panel seems to be working fine, there’s 115vac on the output side. All wires on the output side leading into the house are tight.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer in finding the problem.

Dave’s Answer:
Troubleshooting a Bathroom Electric Circuit Problem

Joe, I suspect that the affected bathroom circuit has lost connection with either the neutral or the power wire. The circuit wiring should be checked starting at the last device that is working. Often we find a faulty wire connection to a receptacle outlet, or a burnt wire splice in a wire connection. Removing the affected circuit components and replacing them with components of the same specifications will typically solve the problem and restore the circuit power.

Dedicated Circuit for Bathroom Outlets

Can the Bathroom GFCI Circuit be Used for Other Electric Outlets? Bathroom GFCI Outlets on a Dedicated Circuit.

Switching a Bathroom Fan and Light Separately

How to Wire Your Bathroom so the Lights and Fan are on Separate Switches – The key factor is to understand where the power source enters the circuit – The power source will either enter at the switch box or up at the light fixture or the exhaust fan.

Cause of Bathroom That Lost Power to Light and Outlet

How to Troubleshooting and Repairing Bathroom Electrical Wiring: Bathroom Light Switch and power outlet quit working: What is the problem? They are on the same circuit as the downstairs bathroom those still work.

Electrical Wiring for a Bath Exhaust Fan

How to Install Bathroom Exhaust Fan Electrical Wiring – Fully Explained Photos and Wiring Diagrams for Bathroom Electrical Wiring with Code Requirements for most new or remodel projects.

Getting an ADA Approval for a Bathroom

How to identify the ADA Bathroom requirements and definitions for an ADA Approval


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