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Kitchen Remodels - Part 3

kitchen-remodel-design Summary: Kitchen Remodels Part 3 covers the Construction Phase with Circuits, Outlets and Lighting with Fully Explained Photos and Helpful Ideas.
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Kitchen Remodels - The Construction Phase

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To The Contractor: Warning - Keep Your Sanity

There are times where homeowners just can not seem to make up their minds about a lot of crucial details, and this can be a problem. If this consumes a lot of time, then phases of the project must come to a stop until a decision is made.

I have heard horror stories where homes were built and just about completed but the homeowner decided it was all wrong, so the entire home was demolished and started all over again, at the homeowners expense of course.

Now that may be fine from one perspective, however I have found that construction crews love to get in, do their work, and see progress all the way to completion, and if they can not see the completed phase they can get a little upset. After all, a good trades person takes personal pride in all of their work.

Up Sells and Change Orders at the Building Phase This is a crucial area that must be handled right, otherwise there could be problems. The bottom line is this, if something is not on the plan or in the contract, and after discussing the options or changes with the homeowner make sure to create a Change Order and have it approved as soon as possible so the homeowner fully understands their additional financial obligations.

Be Realistic About Your Time and Materials It's very easy to say oh, I'll just throw in another length of wire here and there and add these things for you when in reality all these little additions start to add up and end up costing you a lot of time and materials, and the next thing you know you're not making the profit you were planning on.

Kitchen Construction Timeline

Timing of Construction - The Timeline

Working with the other Sub Contractors

There is an order that must take during all of the phases of construction of a home to allow a given length of time for the installation of each component.

This timeline will vary depending of the size of the home and the types and details of the construction materials.

This is where an experienced general contractor or their foreman or project supervisor will be essential to create an accurate construction timeline which will end up with an accurate move-in date after the final inspection.

Limited Wiring to Clear Areas

Once all of the exterior siding is installed and the roof sheeting is in place then it is time to proceed with the installation of the electrical wiring in areas that will not have plumbing, HVAC or any other services installed.

Marking the box locations, Installing Boxes and Drilling may also be started. Areas that may be cleared for wiring may include the bedrooms and the garage.

After Sheet Rock, Before Cabinets or Before the Sinks are Installed Install the Dishwasher and Disposal Receptacle.

Circuits and Outlets for Kitchen Remodels

Circuit Requirements

Circuit planning will depend the area, and if it allows the lighting to be shared with another branch circuit. The number of light fixtures and the total connected load will be the determining factor with all lighting and if the number of light fixtures will be great in a specific location, such as a living room, game room, home entertainment room, or basement then a dedicated circuit may be required.

Specific Information about Appliances and Fixtures

In most cases the general contractor will be supplying the appliances and light fixtures, or giving the homeowner an allowance for the purchases which may be made by them or through a local designer, interior decorator or home furnishings company. I highly recommend this practice because it frees you the electrician up from having to spend a lot of time with the homeowner picking out light fixtures. At the same time you need to make sure that the light fixtures are the right kind and type for the application, such as outside light fixtures that may be required to be motion activated and photo cell controlled to comply with locally enforced energy efficiency standards.

Kitchen Receptacle Outlets, Switches and Trim Cover Styles
Options: Standard or Decorative and several colors to choose from.

In most homes the popular color will be white, almond or ivory, but occasionally there may be a request for gray, black, brown or stainless steel. With a high end home it is typical to have different colors for different rooms and in some cases they don't know yet because they and the interior decorator have not made up their mind yet, so thank goodness you can still install the electrical wiring.

Major Kitchen Appliances

The Range, Stove or Cook Top
These major appliances will need to be chosen before the cabinets can be ordered so the dimensions and clearances are correct. Most standard appliances have specific dimensions; however certain brands and styles may be sized differently and may require a different electrical circuit as well. These details need to be identified on the plan or at the beginning of the project. Cabinet Details

Obtain a set of the cabinet plans as soon as possible. The size and location of the cabinets will have a direct affect on the installation of electrical boxes and circuit wiring.

Appliance Deliveries

Install Cord Pigtails and Cord Clamps for the Dishwasher and Disposal

Identify installation or parts of installations that are covered by the NEC. 90.2 (A) and (B) Verify that installations have been made in accordance with the instructions included in listing and labeling of materials and equipment. NEC 90.7, 110.3 (B)

Identify installations and equipment requiring special approval or investigation. NEC 90.4, 90.7, 110.2, 110.3

Kitchen Remodel Project

kitchen-remodel-picture kitchen-remodel-design

Lighting for Kitchen Remodels

Lighting Details

The lighting details should already be noted on the set of plans, but make sure all options have been discussed and finalized. Details about the lighting will have an affect on the size, location and installation of electrical circuit wiring and switches.

Dimmer Switch or Smart Switch Controls for lights

LED Lighting

The move toward a greener environment and reductions in energy production and consumption are bringing about new energy efficient products and controls. The adoption of these new standards will affect the process of electrical wiring because some of the switching controls such as occupancy sensors may require a neutral wire where a regular single pole light switch did not. Depending on the extent of the adopted codes for your area there may be alternatives that may not be as costly and still be compliant. One example would be to install high efficiency lighting, such as fluorescent or LED fixtures.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Smart Lighting Switches & Smart Control Components

Key Point

Lighting is one of the most important additions to any room and the whole house in general. The type, style and positioning of lighting will enhance any room, and create a desired mood or atmosphere that will make any home the ultimate experience. But be aware, all of this comes with a price, and sometimes it's a high price. It would be best to have the homeowner work with a confident interior decorator that is up to date on all the lighting codes and a broad range of types and styles of lighting that is available. A good interior designer will have a portfolio available of her work and several satisfied clients, some whom you may wish to visit.

Construction Timeline

Fixture Types and sizes

Control Types

Local Code Checks

Depending on the location of the home, your local building codes may have adopted energy efficient guidelines and require light fixtures in specific areas be high efficacy and controlled with energy saving devices.

Options for Lighting

The type of lighting will depend on the local codes and the location where the lighting will be installed. Depending of the local codes and the choices available your selection may be limited, however growing number of resources for energy efficient lighting is becoming available and changing quite often. Smart lighting controls and apps from smart phones and devices make it easy to create the exact type of mood lighting you wish.

Key Factors When Selecting Light Energy Efficient Fixtures

Local and national building codes typically require the appropriate identification and labeling of light fixtures that qualify, so make sure to understand what is required in your area.

Labels and Identification:
UL Approved
State Approved
Efficiency Rating
Specifications: Indoor, Outdoor, and Moisture Resistant

Light Fixture Controls or Switches

Key Point

If the homeowner wants light fixtures to be controlled by dimmer switches then this may have an effect on they type of light fixtures that are purchased, the Voltage, the need for a power supply, and identifying the type of switch that will be installed. All of this will have an impact on the types and sizes of fixtures, locations of power supplies and the size of switch boxes.

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