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DIY: Home Electrical Wiring Repairs

How to Work with Home Electrical Wiring Problems: To solve home electrical wiring problems attention must be directed at the symptom, in this case the tripping GFCI where the wiring should be checked.

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Home Electrical Wiring Problems
Electrical Questions I have two separate circuits. With either one on, all the receptacles in the circuit that is on have power and will power a lamp.

Additional Comments: Thank You for helping, your website is easy to access and read.
Background: Brandon, a Homeowner from Hickory, North Carolina.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Brandon.

How to Work with Home Electrical Wiring Problems

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GFCI Wiring

GFCI Wiring

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions and Comments

2 Responses to “DIY: Home Electrical Wiring Repairs”
  1. Dave Rongey says:

    Roger your comment is well taken and great advice.
    I should point out to our visitors that Roger is located in the UK, and the home electrical systems there are a not quite the same as they are here in the USA. However the basic circuit concepts are much the same to prevent circuit overloaded conditions.
    If I am not mistaken, the UK is mainly a 240 volt system, which may be why the UK has more restrictions about DIY’ers doing their own electrical work.
    Rogers comment about some electricians have a limited level of understanding of electrical circuits is true for any country, and many are clamping down on this and requiring electricians to be actively certified and re-certified as required. I personally wish that General Contractors were not allowed to install electrical wiring because most are very good builders but have limited knowledge when it comes to electrical circuits and wiring, and I have seen first hand several mistakes that are made when general contractors install electrical wiring. Yes, I’m sure there are some that have more knowledge and experience, but these individuals are rare at best.

  2. Roger says:

    Hi, the reason is that somewhere on the system you have commoned the neutral, so some of the return current goes through one earth breaker and some thru the other. You will have to go through the wiring and ensure that each outlet is connected to a phase and neutral that comes from the same breaker.
    You must not take say a phase from a downstairs breaker and a neutral from an upstairs breaker.
    However, frankly if you need to ask you are not qualified to do it, however, further, you will find many electricians also are not!!!!
    I used to teach in the UK and I think about 50% of the so called electricians should be limited to changing torch lamps!!!