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Identifying The Cause Of a Dimming Light Circuit

Updated: January 26, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

What is causing my lights to be dim? How to Identify and Fix the Cause of Dim Lights, Dim Lights may be a Indication of an Electrical Problem, How to Check Circuit Wiring.

Causes of Electric Circuit Buzz or Crackle

Updated: January 23, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

What is causing a buzz and crackle sound in the electric box? How to Locate the Cause of Electrical Circuit Buzz or Crackle, The Most Common Problems that Cause Electrical Circuit Buzz or Crackle and What Should Be Done.

Causes Of Electrical Shock in Homes

Updated: January 23, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

A friend is getting shocked when he touches a light switch and when he touches the water taps, how can this be fixed? Incorrect Electrical Wiring Can Produce Electric Shocks.

Using Correct Light Bulbs for Your Light Fixture

Updated: January 23, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

I changed a Light Bulb and now we Smell Burning Plastic, What Should We Do? Replacement Light Bulbs for Light Fixtures.

How to Test a 240 Volt Dryer Circuit

Updated: January 22, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

My Dryer just Stopped Working, how can I Test the Outlet? Testing a 240 Volt Dryer Outlet, Tester Leads and Readings, What to do about Incorrect Dryer Voltage, How to Fix Dryer Problems.

Outlets Loose Power Due to Space Heater

Updated: January 17, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

How Large Appliances Could Cause Electrical Circuit Damage and Failure: The wiring will need to be identified and reconnected with approved insulated connectors.

Upgrading a Home Electrical Service Panel

Updated: January 17, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

How to Upgrade a Home Electrical Service – Planning for a successful home service panel upgrade.

How to Wire a Double Switch or Triple Switch

Updated: January 15, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

I want to add another switch or two at one location but I need help with the wiring. Wiring Guide for Wiring Two or Three Switches.

Stop Smoke Detector False Alarms Once and For All

Updated: January 14, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

Azad in Illinois asks: Why Do my The Smoke Detectors Keep Going Off During the Night? How to Stop Smoke Detector False Alarms.

How to Repair a Light Switch Circuit

Updated: January 6, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

How to Locate and Repair Faulty Electrical Wiring for Lighting: Secrets of Successful Electrical Troubleshooting Methods used to solve the majority of the home electrical problems

How to Repair a Kitchen Outlet Circuit

Updated: January 1, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

How to Fix a Damaged Outlet Circuit: Whenever I power up the circuit on the panel the breaker trips automatically.

Tripped Circuit Breaker and Lost Power to Outlets

Updated: December 31, 2019 by: Dave Rongey

Greg in Indiana asks: How can I find out what caused my outlets to loose power? How to Repair Abnormal or Lost Power at Electrical Plugs and Outlets, Home Electrical Testers and Electrical Voltage Readings, Plug-In Diagnostic Electrical Circuit Testers.

Why Part of a Home Lost Power

Updated: November 28, 2019 by: Dave Rongey

Henry in Pennsylvania asks; What will cause lost electric power to part of our home? Electrical Problems that Could Cause a Home to Not Have Full Electrical Power or Abnormal Power.

Why Kitchen Outlets Do Not Work

Updated: November 28, 2019 by: Dave Rongey

Bruce in Virginia asks; On a 110 volt circuit the circuit breaker is not tripped, but appliances won’t work: Problems with 110Volt Kitchen Outlets and How to Fix Them, How to Test and Repair Kitchen Electrical Outlet Circuits.

The Process of an Electrical Service Upgrade

Updated: November 13, 2019 by: Dave Rongey

Oleg in Michigan asks: I am planning for a Home Electrical Service Upgrade: The Basic Procedure for the Electrical Service Upgrade, The Electricians Task of a Home Electrical Service Upgrade.

Installing Outlets Near Air Conditioning Ducts

Updated: November 13, 2019 by: Dave Rongey

David in Texas asks: I’m trying to find out what the minimum distance an electrical outlet has to be from air conditioner ducting. I’m mounting a projector that is near one of my air conditioner duct outlets.

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