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Building and Wiring a SIP Home - Part 3


SIP Homes typically take far less time to build than a traditional stick-frame home.

Styrofoam Insulated Panel Homes require less construction time

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How to Install and Wire a Attic Fan

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SIP Home Construction - Series 4

This series of pictures shows the walls being set into place.
Special attention to fitting the panels together side-by-side sometimes requires adjustments.

SIP Home - Styrofoam Insulated Panel Home Construction

Once the building contractor has put all the walls and ceiling panels in place its time to install the electrical circuits and wiring. It is best for the sub-contractors to be on site for part of the building process so they can begin to plan for their installation process.

SIP House Wiring-15
Each SIP Home is engineered and the SIP Panels are delivered pre-cut to size ready for installation.

The concrete foundation was equipped with hold down bolts used to fasten a 2 x 6 plate on top of the slab which served as the bottom anchor then 6 x 6 posts (shown above) were installed between the panels which will be used for a splice and structural support for the upper floor.
SIP House Wiring-16
SIP House Wiring-17

Once the exterior walls are in place the remaining interior walls are constructed to complete each area. 
SIP House Wiring-18

A special heating tool is used to make a channel to accommodate a 6 x 6 post.

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