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GFI Outlets

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GFI Outlets and Home Electrical Wiring

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Wire a GFCI Outlet without a Ground Wire

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GFI Outlets are essential when it comes to locating electrical outlets in areas of high ground potential. Thanks to the circuit design of Ground Fault Circuit Interruption devices the risk of electrical shock has been greatly reduced where electrical devices are used in our daily routines and activities.

Methods of Wiring GFI Outlets:

Single GFI GFI Outlet
Multiple GFI Outlets
Tail Wiring GFI Outlets
Home wiring for GFI Outlets

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Double Quad Outlets Protected by GFCI

This feed through is really good, but how would I wire it if it were a quad with a GFCI in the first position to protect all 3 standard down stream outlets? I would like to put in two quads.

Would it be Line in from feed to GFCI, load out to second outlet (standard - non GFCI)in same box; then wire out from this standard non-GFCI to the second quad (2x standard non-GFCI)?
Do I just use short wires to connect the outlets in each quad together?

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How Many Outlets Can Connect to the first GFCI Outlet

Using the feed through method, is there a limit on either the number of downstream receptacles or the distance beyond the GFCI outlet?

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How to Wire GFCI Receptacles

Greg, from Jersey City, New Jersey asks:
Could you help me to find diagrams for wiring a GFCI receptacle outlet from a switch?
I have 4 inch x4 inch electrical box mounted on a wall in a basement with 3 wires inside the box (black, white, ground) coming from a main electrical panel.
Could you help me with diagrams:
1. Diagram: Both sockets of GFCI receptacle are hot and powered from a single switch;
2. One of the socket of GFCI receptacle is hot all of the time, and the other one powered from a switch.
Thank you in advance,

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Wiring GFCI Outlets

GFCI home wiring - The tailed wiring method is very useful and enables the GFCI protection to be location specific. One example where this is very advantageous is in a two story residence where there is a bathroom downstairs and a bathroom upstairs.

If the circuit was protected by only one GFCI on the downstairs level and second floor bathroom created an accidental trip, the person in the second floor bathroom would require the first floor GFCI to be reset. This method of GFI outlet wiring can be a real disadvantage.

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Lost Power to a GFI Outlet

Chris, from Colorado Springs, Colorado asks:
I have a CGFI outlet on the outside of my house that stopped working when I plugged in a table saw. It already had a waterfall pump. Nothing in the breaker box had any effect (though not well marked). Replaced the outlet with test and reset buttons (previous did not have these) and still have no power. Do I need to call an electrician or is there something I can check as a homeowner.

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Overloaded GFI Outlet

Chad, from Louisville, Kentucky asks:
I recently installed a new electrical outlet on a kitchen wall that previously had none. I basically ran the new wire down to our basement and tapped into an existing box that is running two additional outlets. I flipped the power on, plugged in the toaster oven and microwave and the clocks on both power up. However, when I run either of the two appliances, they tend to work for about 1-2 minutes and then stop. It doesn't trip the breaker, but the outlet simply quits working. Without doing anything, the outlet will turn itself back on after about 10 minutes or so (I know this as the clocks on the appliances power back up). I tried replacing the outlet with a GFI outlet and the same thing occurs only this time it does trip the GFI. Could it be the fact that I have plugged in two appliances that surge which is causing this to happen? Why would they work for a bit and then stop but then work again? I am very confused.

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Sharing a Junction Box with a GFI Circuit

Mike, from Shiloh, Illinois asks:
I am moving some wiring boxes in a bathroom, one of which has a wire to power a light in another room. To manage the number of wires in that box, I would like to move the wire for the light to a box connected to a GFI circuit. Is that OK?

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