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220 Volt Furnace Neutral Wire

220v electric furnace hook up. for a furnace. I have installed a 220v electric furnace but have not finished the wire hook up and need some help.

2 Wire and 3 Wire Cables

How do you know when to use 12-2 versus 12-3, 14-3 versus 14-2. I keep on getting confused on when to use 2 wire versus 3 wire.

30 Amp Disconnect Wiring

I'm putting in a 30amp disconnect with 10/3 AWG with a ground wiring. The disconnect is a signal phase with ground no neutral bar.

3 Phase Wiring For An Air Conditioner

On a 3 phase wire system, does it matter what the orientation of the BLACK, RED and BLUE is when hooking up an industrial AC unit?

Attic Wiring For A Security Light

I would like to add an additional security light in a gable end of my home. The attic space is not used and is full of blown insulation.

Baileigh Shear Electrical Wiring

I bought a shear for my garage that is rated for 220 volt single phase and I'm a little confused with the wiring diagram.

Bedroom Wiring

I am changing out my home fuse box to a circuit box Additional Info I am doing a master bedroom remodel.

Building Wiring

I greatly appreciate your effort in training electricians to be able to work on electrical projects at most every home.

Electrical Codes For Basement Wiring

When installing electrical circuit wiring in a basement that will be wired through the ceiling to a first floor outlet near the floor of that level, is Romex wire OK? We have heard that you should use metal cable.

Garage Wiring Project

I have been attempting to rewire parts of my garage, so I could have drywall hung. The box in the picture contains 4 wires.

Jandy Aqua Link Controller Wiring

I have a Jandy Aqua link RS4 that run my computer equipment daily. Our dog bit into the wire that runs from the pool computer box outside to the control panel inside my home.

Loose Wiring Connections

I have replaced a good amount of receptacles in my home, and I'm the type of person that worries about every last thing possible and mainly about burning my house down.

Oven Electrical Wiring

I'm installing an oven. Behind the electrical wall plate i have a ground wire, black and white but on my oven i have a red, black, green, and a white.

Questionable Electrical Wiring

I had hired a electrician to run under cabinet lighting in my kitchen however for another problem not relating to that i had another electrical contractor through the house today and the holes are not patched from your install and he stated some alarming potential hazards with the install that i wanted to clear up.

Wire Size For 1200 Watts

What GAGE wire or wire size is appropriate to handle up to 1200 watts of home current on a 120 volt, 20 amp circuit.

Wire Size For A Pond Pump

I am running an electric circuit from my electrical power box about 800 feet for a pump at my pond.

Wire Stripping

Electrical Wiring Question I noticed a few web sites warned about not getting nicks in the wires as your stripping them.

Wire Stripping Guidelines

Some of the 14 gauge wires I stripped to attach to receptacles will sometimes how a ring near the base of the wire after it is stripped, and I use a good quality craftsman wire stripper, making sure that I use the 14 gauge notch.

Wiring A Thermostat

Replacing Honeywell t6160 room stat (Mains, 3-wire)with Horstmann DRT2 (Battery operated, 2-wire).

Wiring Bathroom Exhaust Fan and Light

I want to wire a bathroom exhaust fan to come on when the light over the shower is on to exhaust moisture, but also want to be able to operate the fan independently on another switch without the shower light on to exhaust odor.

Wiring Ceiling Fans With Remote Control

All the existing ceiling fans in my house are wired to 2 switches, one for the fan and one for the light.

Wiring Diagram Software

This is my first visit to your site. Can you recommend any electrical wiring software?.

Wiring Garage

A few years back I installed a sub panel in my garage to run my 220 Volt Welder and air compressor.

Wiring Porcelain Lamp Holder

I purchased a Leviton Porcelain Lamp holder with a pull chain, the rating is 660W 250V at Home Depot.

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