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electrical-training Summary: The electrical field of work is full of opportunities in all aspects of the electrical realm of life. This article explains the benefits of an electrical apprenticeship program.
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The Electrical Apprenticeship Advantage

How to Become an Apprentice Electrician

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Electrical Apprenticeship Programs
Apprenticeship is a training program where you earn wages while you learn a skilled profession in a specific field, such as construction.

Apprenticeship combines classroom studies with on-the-job training supervised by a trade professional. Apprenticeship programs are available through many local and state agencies, so you may chose to participate in a union apprenticeship or a non-union apprenticeship.

Much like a college education, it takes several years to become fully trained as an electrician. Unlike college though, as an apprentice you will earn while you learn.

Ask The Electrician - Dave Rongey

Dave is a Licensed Electrical Contractor with over 38 Years Experience

Serving in several Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects.
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Dave Rongey is a Licensed Electrical Contractor

At first, you will make less money than skilled workers, but as you progress, you will get regular raises. Once you have mastered the craft, you will receive the same wages as a professional. Advancement potential
Apprenticeship graduates usually advance more rapidly than other workers, so higher-paying jobs come more quickly. Some apprentices move into supervisory positions within just a few years. Equal Opportunity Apprenticeship Programs must provide equal opportunity to all who are interested. These programs are eager for qualified women and minority applicants.
Valuable skills credential
When you complete your apprenticeship, you'll receive a graduation certificate valid anywhere in the U.S. that demonstrates you have the knowledge and skills needed for successful performance as a professional in the electrical occupation.

Electrical Training Resources

To keep current with new electrical wiring procedures, electrical code discussions, new materials, time saving products, tools and the latest news about the electrical industry an electrical trade magazine will be very beneficial.

The Division of Apprenticeship Standards states that Electrician Certification may be required in your area. Contact your local apprenticeship office for more details.

* These figures may change depending on your location and position.


Apprenticeship Programs Outside the United States

I'm interested in the apprenticeship program. But how can I join?
I live far away in Nigeria.

I do not have information about apprenticeship programs outside of the USA, but I'm sure there must be a way for you to learn the electrical trade for your area, either through a local school or an online or distance learning program. Don't give up, explore all of the options that may be available for you.

Electrical Career Seeker

I'm 31 and considering becoming an electrical apprentice in the state of Washington. I have kids and want a career. I want to make the best decision possible.
How do I chose a program to join? What do I look for?
Is 31 an unusual age to become an apprentice?
Any idea of the job outlook for the state of Washington? I live in Spokane.
What starting pay should I expect as an apprentice?
Any help comments or suggests are appreciated.
Thank you

Dave's Reply:
I don't believe age is a big factor at all as long as you are willing to learn and work. I do not have specific info about Washington state, however I do know that electricians earn a very good wage, and our lifestyle depends on electricity. Energy alternatives such as solar and wind power have great potential as well. Find a program in your area either through the state or a local organization or possibly taking classes at a local college will be very helpful. The course study should focus on electrical theory, wiring and construction. Working with a good experienced electrical contractor would be priceless.
The electrical trade is one of the best out there.
Best of luck to you!

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