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Summary: Great electrical wiring guide for the various phases of home electrical projects based upon functionality and safety for you and your family.
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Planning your electrical wiring project will make all the difference

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For All Projects Large or Small, whether you sit down and sketch out a small electrical wiring project or hire a professional architect to draw your new dream home, careful planning and lots of personalized considerations will produce a successful project. If you hire a professional contractor, do not let them rush you through the decision making process. Most successful contractors will have a portfolio of recent projects and a list of satisfied clients for you to contact. Be sure that you consider recent changes in building codes and energy efficient devices and equipment.

Start with the Required Electrical Wiring Codes
Electrical wiring codes are developed to provide convenience and safety for you and your family. Here are a few very important examples of some very important electrical codes:
Smoke Detectors installed in every bedroom, hallway and stairwell wired for 120 volts and equipped with battery backup.
Ground Fault (GFCI) outlets or receptacles installed in bathrooms, kitchens, garages and outdoor areas.
Arc Fault (AFCI) circuit protection for bedrooms, and now in all areas except the kitchen.
Plug Outlets or receptacles placed every 12 feet or less depending on the room.
Energy efficient lighting for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor areas.
* These are just partial examples of enforced electrical codes for new and remodel construction. Consult your local building authority for specifics about what is required for your area and the project you are planning.

When an electrical wiring project is performed according to code the guess work is taken out of the project and you can be sure that the job is being done right. Designing your project according to adopted electrical codes will take the guess work out of what should go where because the codes are developed around functionality and safety based upon years of history about what is best for you and your family.

Individual Room Design Details

Cabinet details for areas such as the kitchen or bathroom will help you locate lighting, switches and outlets.
Placement of home furnishings such as the bed and nightstands

Safety and Security

Exterior and interior lighting and lighting controls can provide peace of mind with the flip of a switch that will illuminate any area at any time.

Energy Savings

Home Entertainment and Essential Technology Systems
We are beyond using electronic gadgets just for games, now it is a way of life that provides our link to the outside world for vital news updates and communication with our friends and family in the neighborhood or around the world. These technology devices are developed to integrate and serve any requirement of personal development or level of entertainment.

Personal Considerations
Maybe you like to read in bed before you go to sleep. What type of lighting would be best and where should it be placed and switched.
A midnight visit to the kitchen for a glass of milk may not need all the ceiling lights to be turned on but rather soft under cabinet lights will be adequate and serve as great accent lighting when entertaining guests.

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