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Problem with Outlets in a Bathroom

Tommy in Alabama asks: All bathroom plugs do not work. Light’s working and only Two GFI plugs in or out of the house and they both work.

How to Locate an Electrical Wiring Problem

Wayne in Washington asks: I have a very unique problem in a home where on a 20 amp circuit the bare conductor is carrying the positive or hot side of the 120 volt and the black conductor is acting as the ground and the white is the neutral.

Should I Install a GFCI Circuit Breaker or a GFCI Outlet

Lanny in Minnesota asks: Can a GFCI circuit breaker take the place of a GFCI Outlet? Would it be considered to meet NEC Code Requirements?

Ceiling Fan Works but Not the Light

Henry in Tennessee asks: I recently installed a ceiling fan with a light. Both the fan and the light are dimmable. When I follow the instructions the fan will come on but the light will not.

Installing an Outlet in the Ceiling of a Building

Michael in California asks: We have been installing 110v receptacles in above grid locations. My question is in regards to above ceiling electrical outlets in plenum non-plenum ceilings.

Generator Automatic Transfer Switch is Crackling Sizzling and Arcing

Jack in Virginia asks: Why does my automatic transfer switch makes a Loud ‘pop’ and there was also a visible flash?

Outdoor GFI Outlet Has a Red Blinking Light

Migul in New Jersey asks: I have an outdoor GFI outlet that has a Red LED Light that is Blinking, what is causing this?

What Is Dual Outlet For Under Cabinet Lighting

Tracy in Massachusetts asks: What is dual outlet for under cabinet lighting. I need a fixture that is in the middle of a string of under cabinet lights.

Does a GFCI Outlet Need to be Grounded?

Ed in New Jersey asks: Does a GFCI Outlet need to be grounded?

Electrical Wiring Problem with a GFCI Outlet

David in Pennsylvania asks: I went to plug my extension cord into the ground fault and it tripped and could not be reset. I stretched the cord into the living room and plugged it into a receptacle which I could smell wires burning.

Replace MR16 Bulbs with MR16 LED Bulbs in a Track Light

Lee in Virginia asks: I am looking to buy MR16 LED bulbs to replace the existing halogen MR16 in some track lighting. However, I noticed the existing halogen (6) bulbs are 24 volt, not the typical 12 volt.

Adding a New Circuit to the Main Panel for a Garage Panel

Mike in Florida asks: I have the electrical main coming into an exterior panel, and being back-fed into a 125 AMP breaker. This then flows through the panel itself and into a sub-panel just inside the building.

Moving an Oven and the Electrical Wiring

Dan in Florida asks: I am moving my oven in to an Island. What is required for 240 and 120 lines under the floor to the island.

Replacing a Ceiling Track Light

Saelon in Oregon asks: I installed all new track light, and my no-touch power tester lights up almost anywhere on the ceiling within 12 inches of the track. Is this normal?

Recessed Can Lights Last Only a Few Months

Carl in Washington asks: Our recessed can lights are lasting only a few months while the living room lights have lasted five years.

Will a Laundry Unit Work with the Outlet in Our Apartment?

Kevin in Lakewood asks: We are going to purchase a laundry center. The circuit we will be using is 15amp, will this work in our apartment?

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