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How to Install and Repair Light Fixtures

Anti Rodent Strobe Light

Electrical Lighting Question I just bought a home and would like to wire a anti-rodent strobe light fixture and 3 outlets on the same circuit in my attic.

Basement Lighting and Plugs

Electrical Lighting Question I'm selling my house. The new buyers had a home inspection, which turned up the following.

Light With PIR Control

Electrical Lighting Question My question is, is it possible to have a electrical lighting system that can be operated with a Switch and a PIR?.

Motorcycle Headlight Lamp Conversion

Electrical Lighting Question I have a really cool vintage motorcycle headlight that I want to make into an indoor lamp.

How to Replace A Light Fixture Ballast

Electrical Lighting Question I have a fluorescent lights in our kitchen that quit working. I replaced the bulbs and the switch.

Switch Box and Flush Lights

Electrical Lighting Question An electrician wired a single pole switch box to two ceiling flush mount fixture boxes. I can't figure out what they did to hook it all up now that I finished the room.

Type A Lamp For A Light Fixture

Electrical Lighting Question I have a new lamp and a light fixture that call for 100w Type A bulbs (the tube kind?). I would like to replace these with a standard shaped bulb.

Wall Fixture Junction Box

Electrical Lighting Question I am trying to install a new, heavier wall light fixture to a junction box installed 30-40 years ago.

What Causes Lights to Go Dim

Electrical Lighting Question In the basement of my house there is a electrical circuit with a 15 amp circuit breaker and 14/2 wire which powers four lights, a deep freeze, a heat exchanger and four other outlets.

Why Do My CFL Lights Burn Out Fast

Electrical Lighting Question I manage a retail store with both fluorescent and track lighting. I replaced all the track lighting with CFL floods 6 months ago and 90% have now burned out.

Wiring A Motion Light and Security Camera

Electrical Lighting Question I have two exterior lights wired to one switch inside the house. How can I make one of the light boxes energized all of the time? I want to wire a Motion detector with a security camera into the box.

Wiring A Ceiling Light From An Outlet

Electrical Lighting Question When coming from a 12 ga wired receptacle to feed a ceiling light through a wall switch, can the wire from the receptacle to the light be 14 ga or must it too be 12 ga?.

Wiring Lights From A Switch

Electrical Lighting Question I am stumped over a rather simple lighting circuit. I have 5 lights in line in a pole barn which are all on one circuit.

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