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What To Do When Surge Protectors Do Not Work

Power Surges and Power Conditioning: Surge Protection for Your Home, UPS or Uninterpretable Power Supplies or Battery Backup Units.

Power Quality and Surge Protectors

Electrical Question: In the past several years, despite having surge protectors on every outlet in the house I am renting, I have ruined two computer monitors, three hard drives, two sub woofers (one of which started making thumping noises and then pouring out smoke), and some rechargeable batteries, which literally melted.

What would you recommend?
I don’t want to ruin any more expensive electronic equipment, or risk my safety.
I greatly appreciate your help!

This home electrical repairs question came from: Hilary, from Penasco, New Mexico.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical troubleshooting question Hilary.

Power Surges and Power Conditioning

Surge Protection for Your Home

Power Quality and Surge Protection is a popular topic that is very misunderstood, let me explain:

Surge Protection for Power Quality Issues

UPS or Uninterpretable Power Supplies or Battery Backup Units

Check Your Home or Renters Insurance Policy

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Power Conditioning for Power Quality
Power Conditioning for Power Quality Means Protection for Your Valuable Home Electrical and Electronic Devices.

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