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How To Ground a Television or Communications Antenna

January 25, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

How to Install an Earth Grounding and Bond for Communication Antenna: Guide for Grounding an Antenna System

Electrical Code and Swimming Pool Light Fixtures

January 22, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

GFCI Ground Fault Protection for Swimming Pool Lights: NEC Article 680-20, As described in this electrical question, anyone who enters the pool with this light on is in Danger of Potential Electrical Shock!

Electrical Code for BX Cable

January 22, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

Robert in New York asks; Where in the NEC code book does it show where and how BX can be exposed and what are the restrictions.

Installing a Panel for a Hot Tub

January 15, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

Installing a Panel for a Hot Tub: I want to add a panel for a hot tub, some outlets and lights. Should I run a 100A service panel so I can supply power for all these circuits?

Should I Install a GFCI Circuit Breaker or a GFCI Outlet

January 15, 2020 by: Dave Rongey

Lanny in Minnesota asks: Can a GFCI circuit breaker take the place of a GFCI Outlet? Would it be considered to meet NEC Code Requirements?

Does a GFCI Outlet Need to be Grounded?

November 21, 2019 by: Dave Rongey

Ed in New Jersey asks: Does a GFCI Outlet need to be grounded?

How Many Receptacles and Lights does the Code Allow

November 21, 2019 by: Dave Rongey

Ian in Canada asks: How many receptacles and lights does the code allow per 15 amp circuit?

Location of a Main Service Disconnect

October 29, 2019 by: Dave Rongey

Gerry, a Handyman in Arizona asks: Is a main electrical service panel required to have a main breaker or disconnect switch? What is the NEC code article number that states this?

Installing a Sub Panel for a Detached Building

October 29, 2019 by: Dave Rongey

Dennis in California asks: Do I need to run a ground wire for a 200 amp sub panel that is 200 feet away from the main panel? Grounding a Remote Sub Panel at a Detached Building.

Adding Electric Wiring to a Garage

April 18, 2019 by: Dave Rongey

Del from Minnesota asks: I need a 50amp, 30amp, and 20amp circuit in my garage. Do I need more than one conduit for the electrical wires?

Install New Wiring in a Main Panel

March 22, 2019 by: Dave Rongey

Jake in West Virginia asks: New commercial 200amp 1 phase breaker panel. With line power entering from the bottom.

AFCI Arc Fault Requirements for Home Electrical Circuits

February 27, 2019 by: Dave Rongey

Arc Fault Outlets for the Home: The AFCI Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter is used for specific circuits as required by the NEC Code.

How Many Electrical Wires In a Junction Box

December 11, 2018 by: Dave Rongey

How to Wire a Junction Box: Selecting a Junction Box for Electrical Wiring, The Basics of Electrical Junction Boxes, The number of wires that are allowed in a Junction Box.

Grounding an Electrical Panel

November 17, 2018 by: Dave Rongey

How to Ground a Electric Circuit Breaker Panel: Grounding Requirements for Electric Panels, National Electrical Code, NEC Article 250, Grounding a Main Panel, Grounding a Sub-Panel, Electrical Grounding Methods.

How to Ground a Panel for a Detached Shop

October 16, 2018 by: Dave Rongey

Installing a Panel and Ground System for a Shop: Factors that Determine the Type of Bonded Grounding System, Detailed Questions and Answers about Installing a Shop Panel and Bonded Ground System.

Kitchen Countertop Receptacles NEC 210-52

October 5, 2018 by: Dave Rongey

What is the NEC Code for Kitchen Counter Top Outlets? The Electrical Code Requirements for Kitchen Counter top Receptacle Circuits.

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