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Articles about Dryer Cords

How to Troubleshoot a Dryer Circuit and Outlet Problem

Updated: March 12, 2014 by: Dave Rongey

How to Fix Your Electric Dryer Problems: The Most Common Problems with Electric Dryers and How to Fix Them.

Permitted Electrical Cords for Dryer

Updated: March 24, 2012 by: Dave Rongey

How to Make Sure Your Dryer Cord is Correct: Before using alternative dryer cords you may want to read this

Why Does My Dryer Trip the 220 Volt Circuit Breaker?

Updated: June 8, 2010 by: Dave Rongey

An electric dryer requires a dedicated 30 amp 220 volt circuit. Double check that the circuit breaker is a double or 2-pole circuit breaker and its says ……

Electrical Question From Analia About Dryer Wiring

Updated: June 2, 2010 by: Dave Rongey

I have an old panel box in my laundry room that uses two t-30 round screw in fuses. One of the fuses keeps burning out when I use the dryer.

Electrical Question From Francis About Dryer Wiring

Updated: June 2, 2010 by: Dave Rongey

My dryer has a 4 prong plug, but the receptacle in my house has a 3 prong plug.

Electrical Question From Sandi About Dryer Wiring

Updated: June 2, 2010 by: Dave Rongey

I would like to know if I have my dryer power cable installed correctly. I had to change from a 4 prong to a 3 prong. There is no bond strap installed.

Electrical Question From Steven About Dryer Wiring

Updated: June 2, 2010 by: Dave Rongey

I need to install a 4 prong female dryer plug in place of a 3 plug. Only problem is the ground (bare wire) was cut short and I cannot pull any more wire out of the wall.

Electrical Question from George about Dryer Wiring

Updated: June 2, 2010 by: Dave Rongey

Question: Can I change my daughter’s dryer cord from 3 flat bladed plug to a cord with one right angle (or “lying down T”) if wiring is adequate (10 gauge) and dryer indicates 28 amp? Receptacle currently on wall for old dryer would then match.

Electrical Question From Driana About Dryer Wiring

Updated: May 29, 2010 by: Dave Rongey

My husband moved our clothes dryer from the garage to inside our home. He used a wire that he had used to hook up his welding machine. The wire is black and very thick and heavy.