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Installing a Range Outlet in a Remodeled Kitchen

Remodeling a Kitchen and Installing a Range Outlet, Where to Mount a Range Outlet When Space is Limited.

Our Water Heater is Not Working

Amanda in Kentucky asks: We recently replaced our entire water line up to our home, However, since doing so we don’t have hot water.

GFCI Circuit Breaker for 240Volt Beer Keg Cleaning Equipment

Jim in Delaware asks: Can you put a GFCI breaker on a circuit that has an SO Cord with an L6-30 plug on it? The equipment has a heater element that is used in cleaning beer kegs.

How Can I Have a Light Switch that Has a Light In the Switch?

Ted in New York asks: I have a ceiling light in my bathroom with two 3way switches. I want to add some sort of a light Or lighted switch that would be on when the bathroom light is on, how can I wire this?

How to Wire a Disconnect Switch for a Tankless Water Heater

Rod in Oklahoma asks: I installed a tankless water heater. I put a non-fuseable disconnect between it and the breaker box. How do I wire a 60amp Siemens disconnect switch for a Tankless Water Heater?

How to Wire a Smart Thermostat

Gregg in Illinois asks: My current wiring only has 4 wires but I understand I can use the fan wire and make it a common wire. How to Wire a Smart Thermostat, Change the Wiring for a Smart Thermostat.

I Need to Run Wire from my Panel to a New Range

Les in North Carolina asks; What gauge wire should I use and what type of breaker do I need to install for a range? How to Run the Circuit Wiring for a Range.

Tripping Breaker for a Ceiling Fan and Light

Billy in Virginia asks: I have a problem with a light circuit where I removed an old light fixture and hung a ceiling fan and wired it into the existing setup then powered the circuit and hit the wall switch to check functions and the breaker tripped.

Do I Have to Run New Wire for my Dryer?

Rick in Massachusetts asks: I am buying a new GE dryer for a 30 yr old home that has the typical 10-3 wiring. The manufacturer says it needs to be a 4-wire outlet.

Renovating a Basement and Installing New Wiring

Steven in Tennessee asks: I am renovating my basement and have been trying to find a specific wiring diagram for this: 14 3 GA from junction box to two ceiling fixtures, then to single pole switch, then to 2 GFCI outlets.

I Want to Install a Dimmer Switch in My Kitchen

I want to install a dimmer switch in my kitchen. My Electrical box has a switch with one black wire one red wire going to same side of switch.

Adding Smoke Detectors to Our New Addition

Timothy in Minnesota asks: I am adding 2 smoke detectors to our new addition. The older part of our house has smoke detectors in 4 locations.

How to Fix an Outlet that has a Yellow Light and is Not Working

Joe in Illinois asks: In the garage we have a double outlet. At the moment, the light above is yellow and it is not working.

Are GFCI Outlets Required in the Bedroom

Joe in Ohio asks: I’m having a home remodel done. The electrician is telling me that it is NEC code now that GFCI outlets have to be installed in bedrooms?

Adding Recessed Lights to a Bedroom Outlet Circuit

Phil in California asks: Is it acceptable to use the circuit supplying the bedroom receptacles for new recessed Lighting fixtures in the same room?

Electric Wiring for AFCI in a Home

Brian in Michigan asks: Can residential circuits dedicated to lighting with AFCI light switches share neutrals with other dedicated lighting circuits with AFCI light switches?

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