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Safety Guidelines For Light Fixture Projects

How to Install Do-It-Yourself Electrical Wiring Projects – As with any project, electrical or otherwise – Safety is most important, then comes knowledge – they actually go hand-in-hand. Understand what you are planning to do and then understand all the safety factors involved before attempting the project.

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Light Fixture Projects and Safety Guidelines
Light Fixture Question: Would you please explain to my 18-year-old son why he cannot take apart and put together electric lights and components from ceiling fans, splicing wires together with screw-on caps and loosely-wrapped electrical tape sitting on a full laundry basket of clothes, creating his own electric setups in his bedroom , some of which he admits are outdoor lighting without grounding that he has affixed to his wall?

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your Light Fixture Question Meredith.
Background: Meredith , a Homeowner from Cockeysville, MD

Hi Meredith – Great Question!
Let me approach this question in a very practical way, and in all fairness will you please sit down together and consider all of the content.

I will be quick to point out that my question is based on years of experience, and the father of two children and my supportive wife.

How to Install Do-It-Yourself Electrical Wiring Projects

So – Has your Son done enough research to understand what needs to be done correctly when it comes to hanging a ceiling fan?

Here are some key concerns about Ceiling Fans that you should be aware of:

If it is it will state that it is which is usually stamped inside the box, otherwise if a ceiling fan is being installed onto an existing ceiling fixture box then chances are that the ceiling fan may one day begin to sag away from the ceiling and eventually it could fall down.

Wrapping Electrical Tape Around the Base of a Wire Nut or a Wire Connector

This is another DIY practice that is taught and is a clear sign of not understanding how to make an electrical splice correctly using proper wire stripping methods and using the wrong wire connector. They believe that a wrap of electrical tape will make up for their lack of abilities or experience. I have NEVER known of or seen a fellow electrician wrap electrical tape around the base of insulated wire connectors. All insulated wire connectors are manufactured to provide adequate protection of the splice when the splice is done properly.
When I see that the wire connectors that come with any fixture does not have a metal spring inside of it, I throw them away simply because the spring provides tension to help hold the splice together, whereas the plastic molded type that does not have a metal spring inside cannot provide the same tension strength.

Building Light Fixtures

Ladder Safety

Now lets talk about your Son’s ambition of Becoming an Electrician

I can’t tell you the number of men and women who I work with remotely as they proceed with home electrical projects, some of which a lot of people may not even attempt, yet others find basic and end up saving themselves a lot of money and then enjoy the fruits of their labor.

I began working with electrical wiring projects at a very early age, then while in high school due to my involvement in the Future Farmers of America the students built and wired several agricultural buildings.
Those years had a great deal to do with my career, along with the encouragement of my parents, which I am very thankful.

I hope this helps you.

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Be Careful and Be Safe - Never Work on Energized Circuits!
Consult your Local Building Department about Permits and Inspections for all Electric Wiring Projects.

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