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Electric Circuit Listing


Summary: The size of the home electrical service panel is designed by calculating the square footage of the home and factoring in the code requirements for the electrical circuits that are required.
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Electrical Wiring Circuits for a Typical Family Home

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This electric circuit listing is based on a single family home of 3000 square foot with the following electrical loads:

1- 12 kw electric range
20 kw of electric space heating (1 central elect. heating unit)
1- 5 kw electric water heater
1-central air conditioner, 9 kw
1- dishwasher, 1 kw
1- disposal, 0.9 kw
1- electric clothes dryer, 4500 watt

Electric Circuit Listing - Home 3000 sq. ft.

NEC Ref. Circuit VA Breaker
220-3a General Lighting, 3000 sq ft x 3 watts = 9000 -- 1-pole 15
220-16a 2 Small Appliance, 1500 ea= 3000 -- 1-pole 20
220-16b Laundry (Washing Machine) = 1500 -- 1-pole 20
T 220-11 Total General Lighting, Small Appl., Laundry = 13500 --  
T 220-11 Apply Demands, 1st 3000 watts 3000  
T 220-11 Balance(10500 watts) at 35 percent 3675  
220-18 Dryer (minimum 5k) 5000 2-pole 30
220-19 Range (from col C) 8000 2-pole 50
220-17 Add Fixed Appliance x 100 percent (not more than four) 6900  
220-21 Larger of Heat / Air Conditioning 20000 2-pole **
VA Total 46575  
Amps Divide by 240 (volts) = 194  
310-15(b)6 200 Amp service wire: 2/0 copper  

15 amp circuit = 1800 watts
20 amp circuit = 2400 watts

Home Electrical Circuits

Additional Electrical Circuits:

Smoke Detectors are not required to be on a dedicated circuit. Smoke detectors are typically shared on a lighting circuit such as the hallway lights, this way if the circuit is off for any reason it will be noticed.  

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Articles about Home Electrical Circuits

Robert in Delaware asks:
Electrical Circuits
What circuits have to be wired with 12-2 wire?

Dave’s Reply:
Home Electrical Circuits

12-2 Type-NM cable is rated at 20 amps, therefore this cable is typically used for general purpose branch circuits such as kitchen GFCI outlets. However 12-2 Type-NM cable is also used for dedicated circuits for various small equipment such as a whole house vacuum system or a clothes washer.


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