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How to Locate an Electrical Wiring Problem

By Dave Rongey

Wayne in Washington asks: I have a very unique problem in a home where on a 20 amp circuit the bare conductor is carrying the positive or hot side of the 120 volt and the black conductor is acting as the ground and the white is the neutral.

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Installing a Electricity Cost Monitor

By Dave Rongey

Where can the Clamp Modules of an Electricity Monitor be Installed? Where to Install the Clamp Modules of a Electricity Monitor.

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How to Test Electrical Wiring for a Light Fixture

By Dave Rongey

Is there a problem with the voltage to my light fixture? How to Test Electrical Wiring for Light Fixtures.

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How to Locate a Voltage Problem

By Dave Rongey

Why is the electrical circuit voltage not reading normal with a voltage tester? How to Locate a Voltage Problem, Electrical Tests for Locating the Cause of Incorrect Voltage.

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Using a Circuit Tracer to Detect a Broken Electrical Wire

By Dave Rongey

How can I locate a damaged or broken electrical wire inside a wall? Electrical Wire Locators and Circuit Tracers, What to Do if Electrical Wiring has been Damaged Inside a Wall.

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How To Use Electrical Testers and Meters

By Dave Rongey

How to Use an Electrical Tester or Meter: Types of Electrical Meter Testers and Basic Electrical Testing Procedures, Induction Voltage Testers, Analog Testers, Digital Meters, Common Mistakes With When Testing Voltage, How to Test an Electrical Circuit.

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Identifying Electrical Circuits for Light Fixtures

By Dave Rongey

How to Identify Electrical Wiring for Lighting Circuits

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