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Rewiring a Light Switch that Feeds Another Light Switch

I replaced the switch with a new switch, now the pantry light works, but the range light fan doesn’t. How to Change the Wiring of a Light Switch.

Light Switch Wiring
Electrical Question: I replaced the switch with a new switch, now the pantry light works, but the range light fan doesn’t.

I have a pantry light wired to a switch in which the toggle broke off. Upon removing it I discovered it’s a 3-way switch. However, it’s not paired with another 3-way switch.

Turns out since it’s such a small house, the original owners or builder, wired the above-the-stove range light/fan to the switch for a power source. The switch only works the light. The fan/light above the stove has it’s own switch. So I replaced the switch with a new 3-way switch last night.

However, the pantry light works like a charm, but now the range light/fan doesn’t. I have the black wire from the pantry light connected to the “hot” black terminal and the other two connected to the traveler terminals.

Where did I go wrong? Thank you in advance!

This electrical wiring question came from Chadwick, a Handyman in Petaluma, California, United States.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical wiring question Chadwick.

How to Change the Wiring of a Light Switch

Application: Change the Wiring a Light Switch.
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced. This electrical wiring project is best performed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor, or Certified Electrician.
Electrical Tools Required: Basic Electricians Pouch Hand Tools, a Voltage Tester, and appropriate Safety Gear.
Estimated Time: Depends on the personal level experience, ability to work with tools, install electrical circuit wiring, and the available access to the project area.
Electrical Safety: Identify the electrical power source to the Switch, turn it OFF and Tag with a Note before working with the electrical wiring.
Electrical Wiring Parts and Materials: Electrical parts and materials for the Switch should be approved for the specific project and compliant with local and national electrical codes.
Electrical Codes and Inspections: Installing or changing home electrical wiring should be done according to local and national electrical codes as adopted in Petaluma, California. A permit and inspections may also be required.

Wiring a Light Switch that Feeds to Another Light Switch

This electrical wiring project is about How to Change the Wiring of a Light Switch in the Pantry of a Duplex.

NOTE: This question mentions the use of a three way switch, however for this project, a three way switch is not needed, and is not necessary.

How to Change the Wiring to a Switch

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