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Connecting an EV Charger in a Detached Garage

Can I plug my EV Car Charger cord into an apartment garage using an extension cord?

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EV Car Charger Outlet
Electrical Project: Can I plug my EV Car Charger cord into an apartment garage using an extension cord?

Thanks so much!

This electrical wiring question came from Matthew in California.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical wiring question Matthew.

EV Charger Outlet in a Garage

Electrical Safety for a EV Charger Outlet in a Detached Garage

This electrical wiring project is about a EV Charger Outlet in the Detached Garage of a Apartment.

EV Charger Outlet Electrical Safety
Reviewing the Electrical Question:

  1. The warning label on the EV Charging Cord is correct and an extension cord, surge protector, or splitter should not be used with a EV Charger.
  2. In a complex such as an apartment or condo complex the car stalls or individual car garages share an electrical circuit that is to be used only for the lighting and garage door openers, and connecting additional electrical devices to the circuit is not allowed because the circuit will potentially overload and trip off. This circuit is designed for the specific load only, therefore additional devices or any additional electrical loads are not permitted.
  3. It is important to look at the Electrical Circuit Specifications for the EV charging system you have, and in most cases the specifications will described that a dedicated circuit is required, especially if the charging system will be a Fast Charge, which will require much more power than a shared circuit can provide.
  4. Newer apartment complexes will feature EV Charging Stations, and older complexes will soon be adding EV Charging Stations as well. Be sure to make your request known to the property manager so they can plan to install an EV Charging Station for you.

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