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Electrical Question from Chuck about Circuit Breaker

The built in vacuum popped the circuit breaker, but even when I unplug the vacuum the circuit breaker switch will trip in a matter of seconds again. Do I need to replace the individual breaker switch?

Electrical Question about 220 Volt Wiring Diagram

Question: What types of 220 volt circuit breakers are there?

Electrical Question from Shannon about Outlet Wiring

Question: We have 2 floors in our house. Everything on the main floor is working fine. Upstairs, only the light switches will work. None of the outlets are working. We tried re-starting all the breakers for the house with no luck.

Electrical Question From Ron About Grounding

I have a kitchen light that works normally, but if you touch the metal frame of the light it shocks you badly.

Electrical Question From Karl About Electrical Wiring

Question: I have to splice an adapter cord to a black and white copper electrical wire. I know the black is hot and the white is neutral. How do I tell which of the wires on the adapter cord to hook to which of the black and white copper wires.

Electrical Question From Don About Grounding

When is it required to install the green bonding screw to the neutral in a panel?

Electrical Question From Sylvia About Garage Lights

I have outlets in my garage the power source in come in from the breaker panel. I want to add a switch light and a light fixture.

Electrical Question From Kevin About Oven Wiring

My kitchen stove, only 3 yrs. old has quit. I have power to the clock; burner lights come on, but no heat.

Electrical Question From John About Light Switch Wiring

Question: I changed light bulb in bedroom five light ceiling fixture with an energy efficient bulb (the switch is on a dimmer) and as soon as turned on switch the lights stopped working.

Electrical Question From Kevin About Home Wiring

Question: I was running a circular saw and my outlet stopped working. I reset all the breakers and it didn’t fix my problem. I also checked the jumper boxes in the basement thinking that it blew the wires loose with no success.

Electrical Question From Jessica About Outlets

Question: I have an electric outlet in our backyard and it has fallen down. I want to get rid of it. Can you advise how?

Electrical Question About a School Science Project

We are 7th grade science students trying to make a simple electrical circuit. We know that 1 “D” battery can light one 2.5 volt light bulb. We are trying to light four 2.5 volt light bulbs with 6 “D” batteries.

Electrical Question From Driana About Dryer Wiring

My husband moved our clothes dryer from the garage to inside our home. He used a wire that he had used to hook up his welding machine. The wire is black and very thick and heavy.

Electrical Question About a Ceiling Fan

Question: My kids hit the ceiling fan in the bonus room with a ball. The lights went out in that room and other rooms upstairs. I get it back on by flipping the switch in the electric box.

Electrical Question From Craig About Electrical Wiring

Question: I am looking to replace a basic ceiling fixture which is currently on a dimmer switch. I have a plug-in overhead fixture which I would like to hard-wire directly to the ceiling box.

Electrical Question From Rick About Alarm System Wiring

Question: My wife and I moved into a house about a year and a half ago and there was already an alarm system installed, but not monitored. We never got the service, but the unit was on at the control panel and would occasionally beep. I thought it was a low battery, and I actually got it to quit for about a month.

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