Wiring Hallway Lights and Switches

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How to Wire and Control Light Fixtures in a Long Hallway: Circuit Amperage for Long Hallways and Several Light Fixtures, Wiring Switches for Hallway Light Fixtures, Installing Switches or Occupancy Sensors, Setting the Occupancy Sensor Time Delay,

Methods for Wiring Hallway Lights and Switches

Electrical Question:I need to wire lights in a 500 foot long hallway.

  • There is a door at each end of the hallway and a light and light switch by each door.
  • Another light and light switches every 100 feet for a total of 6 lights and 6 switches.
  • I can use three of four switches (single pole single throw, double pole single throw, three-way, and four-way).
  • I need to wire these switches and lights in a way that only two lights are on at one time. line enters on the right end of the hallway, and this is the entrance door.
  • The exit door is on the left end of the hallway.
  • This hallway is wired on a single 15 amp circuit.

This electrical wiring question came from: Kevin, a Student from Sunset Hills, Missouri.

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Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical wiring question Kevin.

How to Wire and Control Light Fixtures in a Long Hallway

Wiring Switches for Hallway Light Fixtures

  • Installing Switches or Occupancy Sensors
    • When controlling lighting in a long hallway consider this:Wire the hallway lighting so that each set of two lights is controlled by one occupancy sensor that has a 180 degree sensing range for each light and occupancy sensor zone of the hallway.Each occupancy sensor should be installed in the center of the hallway, or as required due to distances and specs.
  • Setting the Occupancy Sensor Time Delay
    • Set the time delay setting for each occupancy sensor for the time it will take to walk through each zone, then to be safe double that amount of time.
  • Circuit Amperage for Long Hallways and Several Light Fixtures
    • Depending on the actual type of lighting that will be used, you may want to consider increasing the circuit to 20 amps and use #12 gauge wire which will help reduce the amount of voltage drop due to the length of the hallway.
  • Energy Savings for Hallway Lighting
    • This will save energy and provide passage way lighting.As always, check with your local codes as they relate to your location and the type of building application this project is proposed.

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How to Wire a Switch


3 Way Switch Diagram
3 Way Switch Diagram

  • 3 Way Switch Diagram

  • In response to the requests for this information, I have developed a comprehensive,step-by-step guide designed to walk you through the identification and wiring of your 3-way switches.

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