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Can a three prong plug be rewired to a four prong twist-lock plug for an AC 225 Arc Welder? Electrical Wiring and Plugs for Arc Welders, Installing the Specified Cord and Welder Plug,

Wiring a Cord and Plug for a Welder

Electrical Question: Can a three prong plug be rewired to a four prong twist-lock plug for an AC 225 Arc Welder?

  • The original plug looked like a typical wall plug but much larger.
  • It was converted to a round three prong that you twist to lock.
  • The only outlets I have available require a four prong round plug.
  • Can I safely do this?

This electrical wiring question came from: James, a from Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical wiring question James.

Install a Cord and Plug for an Arc Welder

Application: Electric Circuit for a 225 Amp 230 volt Arc Welder Plug.
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced – Best installed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor.
Tools Required: Basic Electricians Pouch Hand Tools and a Voltage Tester.
Estimated Time: Depends on personal level experience, ability to work with tools and the available access to the arc welder circuit and electrical connection box.
Precaution: Identify the welder circuit, turn it OFF and  Tag it with a Note before working with the 250 volt welder circuit wiring.

Electrical Wiring and Plugs for Arc Welders – Installing the Specified Cord and Plug for a Welder

  • The AC 225 Arc Welder uses a NEMA 6-50P plug and cord configuration which requires a dedicated 50 amp 250 volt electrical circuit.
  • It is not advised to substitute any other cord receptacle or welder plug configuration.
  • Using a converter or adapter cord or receptacle for an alternate circuit is not recommended  as well.
  • Providing the electrical circuit as specified by the arc welder manufacturer is always recommended to avoid problems or damage to the arc welder and the electrical circuit components, and could be hazardous to the person operating the equipment as well.
  • It is important to maintain the specified circuit integrity for safety and optimal performance of the equipment.

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