Verifying Fan Connections With A Wiring Diagram

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How to Verify Fan Motor Wiring Connections: Checking the Motor and Capacitor Connections.

Wiring a Table Fan Motor with Capacitor

Electrical Question: I am rewiring a Table Fan Speed Control Switch.

  • I have a Bionaire brand table electric fan.
    • It has a 3 speed fan motor.
    • The electric motor is a BM-122 Decomin brand 3 speed motor.
      • There are 6 wires:
        • Red wire.
        • Black wire.
        • White wire.
        • Yellow wire.
        • Gray wire.
        • Blue wire.
          • The motor has a 4mu 250volt capacitor.
  • This fan has an oscillating grill with independent sync motor, and timer circuit.
  • Something was wrong with the solid state circuitry (everything worked but the motor!), but a quick test of the motor indicated it does work.
  • The motor uses a start and run capacitor.
  • I decided to change controls to a simple mechanical switch and fore go for now anything beyond 3 speeds.
  • The printed circuit board shows the following connections:
    • Black wire
    • Blue wire
    • Yellow wire
      • Are respective for the:
        • High fan motor speed
        • Medium fan motor speed
        • Low fan motor speed
  • I think the gray wire goes out to the oscillator motor.
    • The Red wire is marked as Line, for the power source.
  • All wires are in continuity with each other EXCEPT RED is not with any other wire.

I see you’re a contractor, so this question might be a little out of your ballpark, but might you help me figure out how to direct wire to a mechanical switch.


Background: Eddie, a Homeowner from Houston, Texas.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Eddie.

How to Verify Fan Motor Wiring Connections

  • Checking the Motor and Capacitor Connections
  • Double check your connections using the fan wiring diagrams.
  • You should see that there is a separate motor winding for high speed.
    • The concern is that there is a capacitor for the motor.
    • So I’m thinking that the motor may have to start with the slower speeds first.
    • and not start in the high speed because the motor or capacitor has not been designed for that type of operation.

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  1. s.pratheep says:

    Home electrical wiring circuit diagram and easy connection.

  2. Melvin says:

    I have a Panasonic table fan. I opened the fan motor to replace the bearing but the connector attached at the coil winding is pulled out together. Is there any way to solder the connector back to the coil winding?

  3. chandan says:

    How I can I wire a Sanyo table fan, and how do I connect the coils using a block diagram?

  4. ramanathan says:

    I would like a wiring diagram showing a meter board connection.

  5. charles williams says:

    I have a Airtech pedestal fan. It runs with a capacitor, but I’m not sure where these wires go not sure which 2 are the capacitor wires and not sure which ones are the switch wires. There are 2 blue wires, 1 white, 1 black, 1 yellow and 1 red. Airtech fan Model FS22-40.


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