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Variable Frequency Drive Controllers

By Dave Rongey - Summary:

How to connect VFD that is use for motor speed control -3 phases, 440 Volt…

Electrical Question from Glabrous about a Variable Frequency Drive
Background: Glabrous, a Electrician from Yangon,Myanmar

Question: I have a little problem. Please answer me.
How to connect VFD (it is use for motor speed control -3 phases, 440 Volt (such as 55KW, 22KW,15KW motors) ) with its control who operator use? What wiring diagrams can use?

Additional Comments: Sure; I think this website can help me and other.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Glabrous.
Yes – I am familiar with VFD, Variable Frequency Drives and I have installed quite a few in 3 phase 480 volt motor control applications including large industrial pumps and air handler units. The VFD Control Interface, also known as a Human Machine Interface (HMI) provides start, stop and speed adjustments. The HMI may have a keypad and display screen or led indicator lights to provide information about the settings and operation of the VFD unit. Each VFD unit comes with a helpful  installation manual complete with wiring diagrams.

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2 Responses to “Variable Frequency Drive Controllers”
  1. haileyesus says:

    I have a little problem. How do I connect a VFD (Variable Frequency Control) that is used for motor speed control that would be used for a 3-phase,440 volt motor, such as 55kw,22kw,15kw motor. With its control operator uses what wiring diagram can be used?

    • Dave Rongey says:

      Hi Haileyesus,
      The VFD must be compatible with the motor that it will be used for. Motors are rated in HP, and then the circuit power that is available. The VFD must be sized for the specific motor it will be used to control. Various control operators are available depending on the VFD brand that is selected. Some operators are installed into the enclosure of the VFD, and remote operators are available to enable manual or automatic motor speed adjustments from remote locations such as a control cabinet or SCADA, BMS or EMS System. The VFD will come with an installation manual and wiring diagrams which will assist you in the installation.


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