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Using the Right Tools for the Job

Tool Review for: The Light Duty Cable Cutter 936-220 and The eshears – pro cable Shears with Crimper from Ascend Tools, Inc.

My Hands-On Experience Using Hand Tools


For over thirty years I have used hand tools during my profession, as an electrician and electrical contractor, working in all aspects of industrial, commercial and residential building construction with the primary focus of installing electrical systems and equipment of all types and sizes. During this time I have found that using the right tool for the job is essential for getting the job done right, in a timely manner, and performing the job safely. If you are not using the right tools then you are just making it harder on yourself and the installation may be second rate rather than first class.

The Evolution of Quality Hand Tools

In my opinion, tools in general have evolved to become higher in quality and more effective due to manufacturers listening to end user feedback and suggestions. This has brought about great advances in many tools, and has also brought about new upstart companies who produce new products into the marketplace and working class trades people.

Multiple Hand Tools for Specific Projects

Any electrician working in the wide range of installations within our trade will tell you that it is best to have more than one sets of tools depending on the task at hand. In fact, it is best to have two or more fully stocked tool pouches complete with the tools necessary for the specific task. For example, when rough wiring a new home, or remodeling an existing home you will be using a specific set of tools for installing and securing new electrical cable, mounting device boxes and installing the electrical service panel. However when installing low voltage cable for telephone, internet, data, and alarm systems you will be using a different set of tools that are designed for smaller gauge wire, including cable shears, crimping tools, and cable strapping.

Light Duty Cable Cutter and Cable Shear Review

This Cable Cutter and Cable Shear Review

The Ascend Tools company contacted me to ask if I would be willing to check out a few of their hand tools, I said sure thing. This is a no-strings, no obligation, no compensation, unbiased report about what I discovered.

The Light Duty Cable Cutter 936-220

cable cutter

This is a hand tool that cuts soft cable up to 10MM thick. The blade construction is described as SUS 420J2 stainless steel which is precision ground and Hardened for a long lasting sharp cutting edge.

One thing I really liked is the comfortable ergonomic designed handles which appear to be hard rubber over molded or bonded onto nylon or fiberglass. The handle is also designed for left and right handed users, and the handle is spring loaded which helps reduced hand fatigue, and that is very important when installing and cutting several cables.
The cutting blade is sharp making the tool easy to use, and they even included a safety lock which is a real safety feature. The feel of the tool is comfortable, seems to be very durable, and it helps that it is light weight.

The eshears – pro cable Shears with Crimper


The eshears is just as the name says, a wire shear but with a few extras. The tool comes with a plastic molded pouch which is designed to fit onto belts up to 2 inches wide with only minor adjustments. The shear is constructed with high carbon stainless steel with Molybdenum and Vanadium blades which are vacuum hardened and precision ground for a long lasting edge. Along with the straight cutting surface of the blade, his shear also features a very useful notch located near the handle which enables cutting cable without the concern of the cable sliding forward or out of the blade area. Within the inside portion of the handle area is the crimping area. The handle has an ergonomic design that is made of nylon with 30% fiberglass, which allows for both right and left handed users.

Both of these tools would be very useful for telecom installations and light duty cable applications.
The Company

Ascend Tools, Inc. is located in Mission Viejo, California and can be found at ascendtools.com
Tool Usage Warnings
Always use approved eye protection when using hand tools.
Use sharp tools with care and protect your hands.
Keep sharp or dangerous tools out of reach from infants and children.

The preceding is the unbiased review. The product has been sent to us without solicitation, and we receive no compensation as a result of this review.

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