Using a Control Relay for Well Pump Operation

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How to Build a Control Circuit to Operate Two Well Pumps: I have two water wells and both produce too little on their own to provide sufficient water for our home.

Basic Control Circuit to Operate Well Pumps

Electrical Question: I have two water wells and both produce too little on their own to provide sufficient water for our home.

  • They are almost identical in every way, including the submersible pumps and pressure switches.
  • Each has its own 220v 30a breaker and circuit.
  • Can I combine into one circuit, increase that circuit’s breaker to 60a, wire that single circuit into a single pressure switch, have two circuits come off the pressure switch (one to each pump) and put a 30a breaker on each of these circuits between the single pressure switch and their respective pumps?

Background: Scott, a Homeowner from Raleigh, NC.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical wiring question Scott.

How to Build a Control Circuit to Operate Two Well Pumps

Controlling Two Well Pumps

  • You can accomplish this type of control for two well pumps simply by using a basic control circuit that would run through the pressure switches and activate 30 amp rated motor controls (larger relays) which would start or stop the pumps.
  • The control circuit could be a 120 or 240 volt protected circuit which may be powered by a transformer which is wired to the primary side of one of the pump circuits or it could be a separate circuit.

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