Troubleshooting a Hot Tub Problem

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Wiring a Hot Tub Cord: I need help with an electrical problem and error message for my new hot tub.

Hot Tub Error Codes and Error Messages

Electrical Question: I need help with an electrical problem and error message for my new hot tub.

  • I bought a used hot tub and my plumber exchanged the cord connection that was on it to the one that I had used with a previous hot tub since it went directly to my power box that was installed just for the hot tub. (240/4 wires) We couldn’t get the jets to work.
  • The Error Message indicated FL1 “Pressure switch is not closed when the pump is activated. Heater is deactivated. Proper flow of water is inhibited or pressure switch has malfunctioned. Check for proper water level, pump is primed and/or clogged filter. (We checked for all of these.)
  • Here was the reply from the seller:
    When the spa was sold it was in working order (he didn’t show me that it worked )and the possibility exists that the plumber who hooked it up for you may have damaged something to which I cannot assist with that.
  • I am pretty confident that there is a good chance the wiring inside may need to be adjusted for your power connection due to the fault your are showing since it does require individual power both to the pump as well as the heater. Otherwise the Craigslist ad did not state that it was warrantied or refundable.

Does what he is saying make sense? All my plumber did was connect a different 4-wire connection. It doesn’t seem to me that the internal wiring should change.

This electrical question came from: Catherine, from Springfield, Georgia.

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Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Catherine

Wiring a Hot Tub Cord

  • Hot Tub Electrical Wiring Problems
    • NOTE: If a plumber does not have an electrical contractors license then they should not be considered as an authorized electrical service technician.
    • As the seller has stated, there is a possibility that the plumber made a mistake with the electrical connection.
  • Hot Tub Electrical Cord
    • The electrical connections to the hot tub should be made as described in the installation or owners manual which came with the hot tub.
    • The electrical circuit for the hot tub must have GFCI protection.
    • The hot tub installation should be inspected to make sure it has been installed according to local and national electrical codes.

Hot Tub Error Codes and Used Hot Tub Operation

  • The error codes of the hot tub are the best way to find out what the problem is with a hot tub function that is not working.
  • If you find that all of the checks have been made and the problem still persists then the problem may be with one of the sensors of flow switches.
  • If you have purchased a used hot tub then be advised that if the hot tub sat for an extended period of time without water then the chance of having an operational problem will be higher, especially if the hot tub has been exposed to the elements, bugs, critters etc. which can all have a negative effect on the functionality of the hot tub.
  • Before purchasing a used hot tub it would be best to see it in working order and test all of the features to make sure they work.

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2 Responses to “Troubleshooting a Hot Tub Problem”
  1. Dave Rongey says:

    Hi Bob,
    The electric shock you are describing is Extremely Dangerous!
    I would strongly advise you to turn off the power source to the spa and have a qualified electrician inspect and test the wiring, the spa components, and make sure there is GFCI protection installed and working correctly according to code.
    I highly advise that you do not use the spa until the shock hazard has been identified and corrected.
    Be Safe,

  2. Bob says:

    I’m getting a low voltage shock from my spa, it’s OK when your in but when you get out and touch something you get a mild shock.


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