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Your power went out and you don't know why!
You replaced that three way switch and now nothing works....
what do you do?

Relax, and let me help you through this!
Let Dave Rongey explain home electrical wiring and electrical repair tips that he has used for over 38 years as an electrician
and electrical contractor.

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Dave Rongey
Home Wiring to the National Electrical Code over 38 Years.
See your Home Electrical Wiring project before you attempt anything!

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Dave Rongey - ask about home electrical wiring.

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Learn Electrical Wiring from a Professional.

See How to Electrical Wiring with Full Color Wiring Diagrams,
and Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos.
Over 2000 Home Electrical Wiring Questions and Answers.
When it comes to Home Electrical Wiring, Dave provides resources to assist you with your electrical projects.

Expert Electrician Dave Rongey is experienced as a Licensed Electrical Contractor who explains Home Electrical Wiring with Tutorials, Step-By-Step Instructions, Photos and Wiring Diagrams to help Students, Electricians, Inspectors, and Homeowners with their Electrical Projects.

Whether you decide on a DIY project or hire it out to a professional, we have resources and wiring diagrams to help you understand what is involved so you can save money and complete the project safely and according to code.

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You will become familiar with typical home electrical wiring systems as I share with you hands-on details through photos, wiring diagrams and the actual process of how home electrical wiring systems are installed. I will also discuss some of the most common electrical hazard areas. The knowledge you receive will help you make the decision to perform a chosen project yourself or to hire it out. [web site terms and conditions]

Dave Rongey shares through this web site how a professional does it, and if you choose to do home electrical wiring work yourself you could save over half of the cost of hiring it out, while adding value to your home.

This web site is packed with hundreds of pages of fully explained photos right off the job-site with new content being added regularly. Please Proceed Carefully!

You should NEVER work on circuits that are energized. When home electrical wiring systems are treated with respect and installed properly you will be assured of the safe and useful service it will provide.Let over 38 years of experience help guide you through your home electric wiring projects, answer your questions, and provide you with safety tips and energy saving ideas. We will be looking at everything from common parts and materials to simple repairs, room additions and even major renovations and remodel projects.

Expert Electrician Dave Rongey
provides tutorials about how to install electrical wiring
and repair electrical problems.


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