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The Right Way to Wire Three Way Light Switches

My outside light will not work unless the inside light is on, is this right? Lets review the Right Way of Wiring Three Way Light Switches, and discover a key factor that will help you.

Wire Three Way Switches

Electrical Question: My outside light will not work unless the inside light is on, is this right?

I have a 3 way switch for inside lights and an outside light switch in the same box. However, the outside light will not work unless the inside lights (on the 3 way is on) – either of the 3 way switches can be on, as long as the lights are on.
Questions, is this standard? And, should there be a way inside the box to change the wiring to allow the light switches to work independently of each other. I have 4 sets of wires coming in or going out of the box. ( I would think 1 to the other 3 way, a second to the outside light, third would be power, and 4th may go to the inside lights.) Thanks.

This electrical question came from: Tom, a Homeowner from Butler, Pennsylvania.
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Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Tom.

How to Wire 3-Way Switches

There are Many Ways to Wire Three Way Light Switches. Lets review the Right Way of  Wiring Three Way Light Switches, and discover a key factor that will help you.

The Key to Wiring 3-Way Switches

Tom, the key to wiring three way light switches is to identify where the power enters the switching circuit and identify where the wiring leave to feed the light fixtures that are being controlled. Once this is understood then the wiring connections will be crystal clear as outlined in my exhaustive full color three way switch e book which is available below.

More about Wiring Three Way Switches

How to Wire a Switch

Wiring a Light Switch – Diagram 1

Wiring Diagrams

Fully Explained Light Switch Wiring Diagrams. Detailed Electrical Wiring Diagrams and Pictures assist your Home Electrical Projects.
3 Way Switch Diagram
3 Way Switch Diagram

3 Way Switch Diagram

In response to the requests for this information, I have developed a comprehensive,step-by-step guide designed to walk you through the identification and wiring of your 3-way switches.

Learn How to Wire it Right with my
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Handyman, Handywomen, and Electricians
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2 Responses to “The Right Way to Wire Three Way Light Switches”
  1. Dave Rongey says:

    Hi Bruce,
    Converting a Single Switch to Two 3-Way Switches
    The typical process to wire two three way switches is to install a 3-wire cable from the existing single switch to the desired location for the second switch, then replace the single switch with a 3-way switch and install a 3-way switch at the new location. Refer to the 3-way switch wiring diagrams provided in the wiring diagrams section of this website for wiring the new 3-way switches. Be sure to get a permit, use methods and materials that are compliant with local and national codes, and have the additional wiring inspected.
    I hope this helps,

  2. Bruce Murphy says:

    I have a light in the dining room which is in the middle between the kitchen and the family room with only one switch. I would like to turn the light off at either end.