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Wire a Ceiling Fan Remote Control Wall Switch

Summary: Replacing a standard wall switch with a ceiling fan remote control switch module - step-by-step photos and instructions.

Wiring the Ceiling Fan Remote Control Wall Switch

An Easy Mistake to Make
When using a remote control, operate the ceiling fan using the pull chains and make sure the fan speed is on the high-speed setting and the lights are full on. The pull chains will over ride the remote control operations.

You could get confused if you turn the ceiling fan or light "off" using the pull chain and wonder why the wall switch does not operate the ceiling fan or light. My suggestion is to remove the longer extensions of the pull chains when using remote control units.

Electrical Wiring for a Remote Control Ceiling Fan - Part 2

Step By Step Installation for installing a remote control ceiling fan switch module.
remote-control-ceiling-fans-14 Step One
This existing wall switch will be replaced by a remote control ceiling fan switch. Once the circuit has been identified, turned off and tagged I can proceed with the process.
NOTE: Wiring any switch control module with the power on can damage the internal electronic circuitry and it is not safe practice.
remote-control-ceiling-fans-15 Step Two
Removing the wall switch reveals the power source coming in from the bottom of this switch box, most likely fed from the nearby wall outlet found in this bedroom.
remote-control-ceiling-fans-16 Step Three
I have removed the existing crimp connector from the ground connection so that I can install the green ground wire from the new ceiling fan remote control switch.
remote-control-ceiling-fans-17 Step Four
I have connected the Line Side of the remote control switch to the power connection that used to be connected to the old wall switch.
remote-control-ceiling-fans-18 Step Five
Next the Load side of the remote control switch is attached to the wire that is leading up to the ceiling fan electrical junction box.
remote-control-ceiling-fans-19 Step Six
Notice that the four switches are easily accessible on the side of this control module if they need adjusting.
remote-control-ceiling-fans-20 Step Seven
With the wires connected and folded neatly into the back of the switch box the remote control ceiling fan switch is fastened to the wall switch box.

More about Remote Control Ceiling Fans

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Additional Resources

Wall Control Ceiling Fan Installation Manual

A wall mounted remote control is a great way to operate the light and ceiling fan from a single switch box. Here are the Detailed Wall Control Installation Instructions and Owners Manual [PDF]

You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Download a free copy from the Adobe Web site.


Questions about Wiring a Ceiling Fan Remote Control Wall Switch

Dale, a Homeowner from Mt. Prospect, Illinois asks:
I want to install a dual dimmer which would control an existing Hunter ceiling fan and light. Currently the old switch controls both the fan and light. The wall switch has the blue and red wire, both appear to be hot. The fan and light has black, white and black/white wiring. Coming from the ceiling box is blue, black, white, red and green ground. I just want to confirm the correct wiring at the switch and ceiling.

Dave’s Answer:
Dale, the existing wiring will not support switching the ceiling fan and lights with separate switches because there are not enough wires. However, the simplest way to accomplish the type of control you desire is to install a remote control unit that has the functions for the light to be dimmed, and the fan speed to be adjusted. This type of remote control is available with a wall switch that will replace the existing switch, and will use the existing wiring.


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