Lighting Control With A Remote Control Module

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How to Wire a Remote Module to Control Lighting: If there is only one white on the load side of the module then the motor N is most likely a shared neutral – double check this. Just cap off the motor L as it will not be used.

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How to Use a Remote Module to Control Lighting

Electrical Question: Hello there. I have seen another similar question but mine is slightly different.

  • I have one light switch that controls 2 lights. One is a Hampton Bay ceiling fan that has a remote the other is just a regular light fixture.
  • The problem comes when I only want the fan on. I can easily turn off the light on the fan with the remote however, the other light fixture stays on.
  • I have another Hampton bay remote receiver from an old fan. I want to hook this up to the light fixture.
  • The receiver has the standard block and white wires on one side for the incoming power.
  • The other side has a blue wire that states “for light”, a black wire that says “motor L” and a white wire that says “motor N”.

Any idea on how to make this work on my light?


Background: Kevin, a Homeowner from TARRYTOWN, NY

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Kevin.

How to Wire a Remote Module to Control Lighting

  • To control the light fixture just connect the incoming wires color to color, then connect the blue remote wire to the black fixture wire.
  • If there is only one white on the load side of the module then the motor N is most likely a shared neutral – double check this. Just cap off the motor L as it will not be used.
  • The DIP Switch settings may need to be adjusted to avoid frequency sharing or conflict.
  • The DIP Switches are the bank of   little switches that are located in the remote control usually by the battery,  and in the receiver module where there is an access area available.
  • The remote and receiver DIP Switches must match.
  • If the frequency is being used with another fan or device then you will have multiple operations from one remote, which may or may not be desired.
  • Changing the position of one of the DIP Switches will change the frequency. Because the DIP Switches are so small it is best to use a tooth pick to change the settings.
  • Do not exceed the stated watt or amperage rating of the control module.

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