LED Lights and Dimmer Switches

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LED Lighting and Dimmer Switches – Most dimmer switches can be adjusted to enable the full range of lighting control.

Can LED Lights Work With a Dimmer Switch

Electrical Question: We have a new home with a Loft ceiling fan with no light attached. It is on a switch that turns the fan on. Next to that switch is another single switch which turns on 2 recessed led lights. When I flip the switch for the fan, the led lights flicker. Our electrician says this is normal and we should just live with it. We also have a problem with a dimmer switch (another led light) which when turned to the lowest setting, the light will burn for a while and then go off.

This home electrical question came from: Laura, a Homeowner from San Marcos, Texas.
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Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your home electrical question Laura.

LED Lighting and Dimmer Switches

  • The LED lights and the dimmer switch must be compatible with each other for normal operation.  Traditional dimmer switches work fine with incandescent light fixtures, however various new lights have electronic circuit components that will require dimmer switches specifically for these new lights.
  • Most dimmer switches can be adjusted to enable the full range of lighting control.
  • As for the comment from the electrician where you will just have to live with it, well I would rather think that he would have looked into the problem and find the solution for you.

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