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Kitchen Remodels - Part 1

Summary: Kitchen Remodels Part 1 covers Planning and Design with Fully Explained Photos and Helpful Ideas.

Kitchen Remodels - Planning and Design

Kitchen Remodels
The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the home which we rely on several times a day to provide our meals, snacks and refreshments.

With food storage and meal preparation devices comes the requirement for electrical circuits and receptacle outlets to be provided in specific locations of the kitchen area most of which are enforced by electrical codes that are adopted to ensure that the kitchen is supplied with the required circuits to power up appliances and devices and provide protection against electrical shock in specific areas.

Why do a Kitchen Remodel?

Planning the Kitchen Remodel
Planning the kitchen remodel project is Extremely Vital and Important.

There are several types of kitchen remodel projects. Some are limited to just replacing kitchen cabinets and counter tops or installing a new floor covering. Other more extensive projects may involve a complete kitchen make over from top to bottom, and wall to wall. One thing for sure, each project will require careful planning with experienced contractors otherwise a kitchen remodel project can be a disaster. This is because several components of the kitchen are installed next to or in conjunction with at least one other component and all of which need to be identified. I have been worked on several kitchen remodel projects and the project that turns out the best is the one that has been carefully planned out by a professional designer, and the work was performed by a licensed general contractor with years of experience with the help of licensed sub-contractors who are knowledgeable and with extensive experienced as well.

Designing the Kitchen Remodel

Reviewing the Kitchen Remodel Project

Submit the plans to the local building department or agency for approval and obtain a permit. Submit the plans to licensed contractors for competitive bids.

Do not hire the cheapest contractor, but rather choose the licensed contractor who has a great deal of experience and a portfolio of satisfied customers, who you comfortable communicating with, and I am not at all referring to cultural communicating, but I am referring to communicating about the on-going progress of the remodel project.

Factors that may affect a Kitchen Remodel Project

The age and condition of the home

If the home is outdated the local building department may require several code upgrades that even affect other areas of the home, not just the kitchen.

The size and capacity of the main electrical service

Access to the area from above and below which may be needed to install key components

Upgrading Key Home Services

If the kitchen will receive an extensive remodel, and the home is outdated, applicable codes may not require certain items to be updated, but if the walls are open then this is the time to consider upgrading anything that will be accessible, such as plumbing water and drains and other utilities. This is also a good time to inspect the interior condition of the walls and the associated framing and building materials, and taking note of the type of insulation and if it should be replaced.

Kitchen Remodel Plans

kitchen-remodel-plans kitchen-remodel-design
Kitchen Cabinet Plan
This is the view of the cabinets that will be installed on the sink wall of the kitchen. Special attention must be given to the layout and dimensions of each cabinet.
Kitchen Electrical Layout
This is the sink wall showing the outline of each section of cabinets and the scheduled location for the electrical outlets and switches.

Kitchen Remodel Project

kitchen-remodel-design kitchen-remodel-plans
Electrical Wiring for the Kitchen Remodel Project
The cabinet are not installed until after the electrical wiring and sheet rock has ben installed.
The Completed Kitchen Remodel
This is a view of the completed remodel project which shows all of the appliances that have been installed and ready for use.

Key Items that are Often Overlooked during the Design Process
Lighting - Selections and Locations

Lighting is one of the most important components which will enhance the appearance of the kitchen and complement fine cabinets and counter tops.

Optional lighting may include: Under cabinet lighting, above cabinet lighting, task lighting, pantry lighting and passageway lighting.

Optional lighting types and controls may include: Low voltage lighting, quartz lighting, LED lighting, rope lighting, recessed lighting, pendant lighting, dimmer switches, 3-way switches, or automated switching.

Circuits or Receptacle Outlets

Mixer Stand
Instant hot water dispenser
Bread warmer tray
Wine cooler

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Frequently Asked Questions about Planning a Kitchen Remodel Project


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