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Kitchen Cooker Tripping Electric Switch

Having 2 rings on i turned on a 3rd, a flash appeared from what looked like inside the cooker.
I switched everything off including the wall socket, proceeded to reset the trip switch….

Electrical Question About Kitchen Cooker
Background: Graham, a Handyman from Bury, United Kingdom

Question: I have re-wired and had certified the Kitchen sockets.
Problem is thus and the things i tried to remedy it.
The cooker is 13mths old, hense the reason for trying these steps.
Having 2 rings on i turned on a 3rd, a flash appeared from what looked like inside the cooker.
I switched everything off including the wall socket, proceeded to reset the trip switch. Turned on at the wall and the cooker came back on, tried to recreate the problem to see if indeed that ring was faulty. Again it blew. Wondering if it was an overload problem i switched on the (what i thought faulty) ring, all was ok, turned on the other rings and all was fine. Tried to increase the power but again tripped.
Giving up on using the 3rd ring i tried ring 4, again it tripped. Needing to finish the cooking i went to switch back on at the wall but this time there was a flash from the socket and it has fused the socket inside.
I would just like confirmation that
A) it was indeed the cooker and
B) That the wiring (although i didn’t touch the 30amp cooker) is not to fault.

Many thanks

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Graham.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Comments

Questions about: Kitchen Cooker Tripping Electric Switch

  1. Paddy B says:

    Hi, I have a problem with the cooker in our apartment. When the you strike down the switch on the wall to turn the cooker on it trips out the electricity and the main switch. The “Cooker” trips on the fuse box as well. The cooker is now not usable.

    • Dave Rongey says:

      Hi Paddy,
      The electrical wiring of the kitchen cooker should be tested by a technician or an electrician so the fault may be found and corrected. This could be due to a burnt wire connection between the control switch and a burner. This sometimes requires a replacement switch or burner heating element and possibly some repairs of the electrical wiring.



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Kitchen Cooker Tripping Electric Switch

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