Install an Attic Exhaust Fan to Help Cool Your Home

By Dave Rongey - Summary:

Cool Your Home with an Attic Exhaust Fan: I want to install attic fans to help cool my house and reduce my electric bill, what do you recommend? Considerations when Selecting and Installing an Exhaust Fan to Help Cool Your Attic and Your Home.

Solar Powered Attic Exhaust Fan

Electrical Question: I want to install attic fans to help cool my house and reduce my electric bill, what do you recommend?

  • I want to install attic fans in a large house that has many small pitched roof sections.
  • The roof is concrete tile.
  • The pitch of the roof is maybe 3/12 and eves vents are only on the outside of this horseshoe shaped ranch house so there may not be a lot of incoming air.
  • Can you recommend a good roof fan.

This electrical wiring question came from Nancy, in Chula Vista, California.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical wiring question Nancy. Here are some considerations when selecting and installing an exhaust fan to help cool your attic and your home.

Attic Exhaust Fans Can Help Cool Your Home

attic exhaust fans

  • How a Attic Exhaust Fans Can Help Cool Your Home
    • The direct exposure of the roof of the home facing the sun causes the attic space of the home to heat up just like an oven.
    • Unfortunately, most attics are not well ventilated so there is very little air movement.
    • This causes the trapped air inside the attic to get very hot, therefore the heat of the attic radiated down into the home causing the home temperature to raise.

The Economic and Environmental Benefits of a Solar Powered Exhaust Fan

  • How a Solar Exhaust Fan Will Help Save You Money and Be Earth Friendly

    1. The cost of a solar exhaust fan unit is very close to the cost of a conventional attic exhaust fan.
    2. The installation for both of the exhaust fan units is basically the same.
    3. A solar powered exhaust fan does does not require electrical circuit wiring because the unit comes with a PV Photo Voltaic solar panel that produces it’s own power from the sun.
    4. The self powered solar exhaust fan does not use electricity, so it’s basically green energy which is free power.
    5. A cooler attic means a cooler home, therefore an air conditioner will run less which will help reduce your electric bill.
    6. Reduction in carbon footprint using green renewable energy. Choosing solar power is environmentally friendly and helps reduce carbon emissions that may be generated during the production of conventional electricity.
  • Consider Installing One or More Solar Powered Exhaust Fans
    • The number of exhaust fans will depend on the size of the home and the type of attic space and construction characteristics.

More about Selecting a Solar Exhaust Fan

Two Types of Exhaust Fans to Help Cool the Attic

Roof Fan 20 watt

  • Roof Mounted Solar Exhaust Fan
    • Solar powered exhaust fans are a environmentally sensible solution that can protect your home and save you money on your energy bill.
    • Roof mounted solar exhaust fans mount onto the surface area of the roof after an opening is made to allow the hot attic air to be exhausted.
    • The solar panel is attached to the top portion of the exhaust fan and directed towards the sun to provide power for the unit.
    • Follow the instructions as provided with the specific exhaust fan that you purchase to ensure proper location, operation and weather proofing of the roofing materials.

More about Roof Mounted Solar Powered Exhaust Fans


Solar Exhaust Fan Gable Mount 20 watt

  • Gable Mounted Solar Exhaust Fan
    • A gable mounted solar exhaust fan is typically mounted over the gable vent which is located at either end of the home attic.
    • The solar panel is mounted onto the  roof in an area where it will receive the most sun exposure.
    • The low voltage wiring will connect the solar panel to the gable mounted fan to power the unit.

More about Gable Mounted Solar Powered Exhaust Fans

  • No Wiring Needed for Solar Exhaust Fans
    • Most Solar Exhaust Fans are east to install, and they are shipped fully operational right from the box.
    • No electrical wiring is required, and no expensive electrician or permits are needed. Detailed installation instructions are provided with each unit.

More about Installing a Solar Exhaust Fan


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