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How To Wire A Photocell To Control A Light Fixture

By Dave Rongey - Summary:

A photocell can be used to control outdoor lights when installing into the electrical wiring as described here…

Photocell Wiring for a Light Fixture

Electrical Repairs Question
How do I to wire a photocell to a key less light fixture.

This electrical question came from: Jimmy, a Student from Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
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Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your Electrical Repairs Question Jimmy.

Photocell Electrical Wiring for a Outdoor Light Fixtures

Jimmy, a photocell is wire the same way as a regular switch except that most 120 volt photocells requires a neutral wire to operate. The key less light fixture has the same wiring requirements as a regular 120 volt light fixture which is one neutral and one hot wire or power source. I’m assuming that this is a classroom project because a key less light fixture is not rated for outdoor use and a photocell is usually used to control outside light fixtures which is beneficial for automatic switching for fixtures.

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2 Responses to “How To Wire A Photocell To Control A Light Fixture”
  1. I have a two year old home and the builders have installed an electrical plate on the front of my house about a foot from the ground. They indicated it was for my light post whenever I installed it for a dawn-to-dusk light post. I’m not sure how this works. Do I have to buy a specific light post for this to work?

    • Dave Rongey says:

      Hi Linda,
      From what you have described the electrician has provided a junction box with a blank cover plate which most likely has wiring that can be used for future outdoor lighting. The electrician should explain what the capabilities are of the wiring and if this is a constant supply of power, or if the wiring leads to a switch box where the additional outdoor lights may be controlled. Installing this for you at the time of construction is in your favor because it provides the capability for outdoor lighting to be added. How this power source is used for future lighting will depend on making decisions about the type of lighting you wish to install and the locations for the lights. This could be for a post light, garden lights, walkway path lights etc., where the power will be extended from the junction box to the desired lighting you choose to have installed.


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