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How To Fix Light Switch Wiring

Is your light switch not working? Here is the testing method for checking light switches and wiring….

Testing Method for Fixing Light Switch Wiring

  Electrical Repairs Question
Hi I am working on my brothers house to try and help him with his electrical. It is all Romex, the house was built in the 198o’s etc. The problem is when you push the light switch to on in the bedroom the light switch buzzes and immediately trips the breaker. If I reset the breaker all other lights and receptacles work on this circuit as long as the switch to the bedroom lamp is not turned on. I removed the light and fan in the bedroom and pulled the switch from the wall and checked the wiring to both. I then disconnected the light completely and moved the wires far apart and capped them. I pulled the switch out from the plastic new work box and moved all of the wires away from each other. Hit the switch again and it tripped the breaker. This is where I am unsure. Does this mean the short is in the wire from the light switch to the fixture? It appears it is wired straight from the switch into the attic to the fixture. Could any other component in the circuit effect this? If not should I replace the 14/2 from the fixture to the switch?

Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.

This electrical question came from: Greg, a Handyman from Hixson, Tennessee.
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Additional Comments: Very nice website. I read through the trouble shooting and enjoyed it.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your Electrical Repairs Question Greg.

Testing a Light Switch and Wiring

Greg, there may be a few possibilities that are causing the problem, all of which can be identified using an ohm meter.

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