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How do I fix a voltage leak and electrical noise problem?

I suspect this is an isolated problem with that circuit or outlet…Another possibility is to have the cable company verify their ground connection for their incoming…..

Electrical Question from Todd about Troubleshooting
Background: Todd, a Homeowner from Sarasota, FL

Question: I purchased a condo five years ago and bought a new television to go with it. After a few years, the television encountered a series of problems with powering on. The cable company also said the television was leaking electricity through the back of the cable line and causing static on the line for internet and cable. After trying to fix the television several times, I decided to buy a new television. That television now has had a problem.

My questions are this: Is it possible I have an over-voltage problem that is damaging my televisions? No other appliances have had a similar problem, and the televisions have been plugged into a surge protector. If it is possible, how do I test to see if there is an over-voltage problem? And is there a filter or over-voltage limiter that I can install that would fix this? Thanks.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Todd. I would verify the polarity and circuit integrity which serves the outlet used for the television. I suspect this is an isolated problem with that circuit or outlet. If there was an over-voltage condition, it would be affecting other electrical devices as well. Another possibility is to have the cable company verify their ground connection for their incoming service for your building. Improper bonding or the lack of a ground can cause problems.

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  1. michael says:

    My oven 240 volt outlet plug is showing 120 volt on one of the power legs when the 40 amp switch is switched off. We keep burning out oven parts. We replace the 40 amp switch and are seeing the same thing. It has a 3 prong plug. Any ideas?


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