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Home Electrical Wiring

Summary: Complete listing of articles about Home Wiring which leads to full featured pages with photos and wiring diagrams to help you with your home wiring projects.

The Fundamentals of Home Electrical Wiring

Home Wiring
Home Wiring Articles include:
Kitchen wiring, Bathroom wiring, Bedroom wiring, Home Office wiring, Laundry room wiring, Garage and Workshop wiring, and Basement wiring.

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Static From Electronic Light Fixture Ballast

I installed a new electronic ballast in fluorescent fixture. My radio now has static on it. How can I stop it?

more at: Static From Electronic Light Fixture Ballast

Installing Workshop Wiring

I am about to start wiring my steel frame shop building for my 240 V air compressor, welders, and auto lift, plus assorted lights and outlets for power tools. Do I need to run all of the wiring through conduit or can I use Romex?
more at: Installing Workshop Wiring

Appreciation for Help From Ask-The-Electrician.com

Big thank to you-Dave Rongey-for sharing technical knowledge with others. You know I must humbly admit, I have a lot to learn from you being a beginner in the world of electrical installation.
more at: APPRECIATION for Help From Ask-The-Electrician.com

Wiring Outlets Controlled by a Switch

Mark, from Leawood, Kansas asks:
I want to wire a switch to control two outlets. Can you explain the process for me?
more at: Wiring Outlets Controlled by a Switch

Replacing Multi-Wire Kitchen Outlets

Chris, from Winnipeg, Canada asks:
I have 4 standard 120V 15A outlet plugs in my kitchen that I recently wanted to replace. So I went to Home Depot and bought some new plugs and installed them. When I turned on the breaker switch, I saw a spark behind the breaker and it flipped back to the off position.
I consulted with an electrician and he asked me if I had broken off the tabs on the hot side of the outlets. I didn't. So I went back and sure enough the old plugs were missing the tabs. I removed the tabs on the new outlets and now everything works fine.
My question is why did this happen and have I done any damage to the breaker or new outlets that I should be concerned about?
Thank You.
more at: Replacing Multi-Wire Kitchen Outlets

Electrical Terminal Block for a Kitchen Cook top

My electric 4 burner kitchen cook top just fried due to careless installation causing stripped wiring and has melted the terminal block. The existing terminal block is 40 amp. After 3 days I still cant locate a 40 amp replacement connector. Can I use a 30 amp connector in its place?

more at: Electrical Terminal Block for a Kitchen Cook top

Power for a Garage Electrical Panel

Michael, from Polson, Montana asks:
I have a Cutler Hammer main electrical panel. I want to add another 100A breaker for my garage panel. There doesn't seem to be a space in the panel to plug in another breaker. Am I going to have to replace the panel, or am I missing something?

more at: Power for a Garage Electrical Panel

Converting Bedroom Switched Outlets to Ceiling Fixtures or Fans

Jon, from Hull, Iowa asks:
I would like to change my switched outlets in my bedrooms to switched ceiling lights, or possible ceiling fans. I have the main power with 14-2 wire coming into my master bedroom single pole switch; it proceeds to an outlet nearby. The same master bedroom switch proceeds to another bedroom switch where it also feeds a nearby outlet. The second bedroom single pole switch then goes to the 3rd bedroom where it also feeds one switched outlet. All the whites in line were tied together. I have already run a 14-2 wire to the center of each room down to the switch area. This is where I have a question; How do I wire the switch for possible ceiling fans, or ceiling lights; Do I need a double gang box; and can the outlet still be used without turning a switch on?

more at: Converting Bedroom Switched Outlets to Ceiling Fixtures or Fans

Caution When Replacing Kitchen Outlets

Walt from New York asks:
So I'm changing all the outlets in my house. I'm stuck on the kitchen. I copied the wire configuration from old to new, but when I turn the power back on it keeps tripping the circuit breaker. I didn't use GFCI's, but I will purchase some since reading some posts on this site saying that it is the electrical code, even so I don't understand why the breaker keeps tripping. I live in a old house and the previous outlets weren't GFCI's either but they worked fine. What is it that i'm missing?

more at: Caution When Replacing Kitchen Outlets


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