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Godown Wiring Diagram

Three Godown Wiring Methods and Godown Wiring Diagram: The Godown system may be wired using mechanical 2-pole switches.

Godown Lighting Wiring Diagram

Electrical Question: I want to know how to wire  my lights with the Godown wiring method.

I would like to see an  electrical circuit diagram for a Godown light system.

This process will be proceed to the first point.

Background: Ambuja, an Electrical Contractor from Bengaluru, India.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical wiring question Ambuja.

Three Godown Wiring Methods

wiring diagrams

  1. The Godown system may be wired using mechanical 2-pole switches.
  2. Installing a switch controlled relay system.
  3. Installing a motion detector or occupancy sensor to turn the lights on and off.

The Following will assist you with Godown Wiring

Godown Wiring Diagrams

Electrical Wiring

Light Switch Wiring
Wiring Diagrams
3 Way Switch Diagram

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Electrical Code Articles

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Wiring Diagrams

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Frequently Asked Questions and Comments

Questions about: Godown Wiring Diagram

  1. samlal says:

    Please provide a Godown Circut.

  2. sudhir says:

    I want electrical circuit diagram for a tunnel light system.
    how to install tunnel lighting, where walking down a tunnel. 20 switches and 20 lights are installed at 10m intervals. the first switch turns the first light on, the second switch turns the first light off but also switches the second light on and so on down the tunnel, so always the the light behind goes off and the one in front comes on. Only 1-gang switches can be used, no relays contactors and it will work no matter which direction you enter the tunnel.

  3. SHADAB KHAN says:

    HI SIR,

    • Dave Rongey says:

      Hello Fellow Electrician SHADAB KHAN,
      It would be best to wire the light fixtures using the 3-way or 4-way configuration that way you may have 2 or more switches that can be used to control one or more light fixtures from multiple locations. When 4-way switches are wired with 3-way switches there in no limit to the number of 4-way switches that can be used.
      Please see this wiring diagram:
      Four Way Switch Wiring Diagram

      I think this will be very helpful for you.

  4. hafiz faiq says:

    Dear Sir,
    i need a HOTEL WIRING DIAGRAM by where I can operate 8 lamps and one Buzzer with 8 switches. It will be used by customer(s) who will be in room(s), the indication lamp and buzzer is turned on when customer(s) switched it on.

    • Dave Rongey says:

      Hi Hafiz,
      You are welcome to look through the many wiring diagrams here throughout the information here which may be very helpful for your wiring project. When new wiring diagrams are produced or made available they will be posted as well.

  5. Mohammad Sarfraz says:

    This is my question for About the Godown wiring, control for Bulbs by Switches.
    We have 5 Bulbs and 2 gate for the Godown,
    Sir i want to take solution by your Advice.
    When i go out the Get No.2. Then i switch off the gate No.2. Must off All Bulbs.
    So how can i Make do this Control Diagram?

    Sir please give me solution For this Problem.

  6. pavan says:

    Sir, why do we have to use godawan wiring when we can use staircase wiring? What is so particular about the godawan wiring method?

    • Dave Rongey says:

      Hi Pavan – Great Question!
      Actually, if the staircase spans several levels, and the wiring configuration allows the lights to be on at one level, then it is the same as the godown or the godawan wiring method. The original application for the godown wiring method was used in large warehouses where the lights would only be on in the area that was occupied. In fact, new technology occupancy sensor controlled lighting fixtures can now replace the previous godown wiring methods and accomplish the same type of control and energy savings while providing light only in the occupied area.
      Thanks for sharing your question about godown and godawan wiring.

  7. PIKESH KUMAR says:

    4switch 1fuse 1indeketer connection godam wiring.

  8. PIKESH KUMAR says:

    4Inter medium switch connection.



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