GFCI Circuit Protection for Shed Wiring

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How to Install GFCI Circuit Wiring for a Shed: Protect the individual circuits that will be readily accessible with a GFCI device, outlet or circuit breaker.

Shed Electrical Circuits and GFCI Requirements

Electrical Question: I have a sub-panel in my home utility shed. I have a 30 amp circuit breaker in that panel that I want to run 12-2 UF from, underground, to another shed.

  • I want to feed 4 outlets and a ceiling fan in the second shed.
  • I want to run first to a 20 amp GFCI outlet (that I already have), then through the other 3 outlets and end at the ceiling fan.
  • Somebody said I have to have a 30 amp GFCI, but I will never pull even 20 on this circuit (the fan is .5 and I will never have more than 5 other devices plugged in, none of them high amp).
  • Can I use the 20 a GFCI on the 30 a circuit?

Background: Erasmus, a Homeowner from Rocky Mount, NC.
Additional Comments: Great website.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Erasmus.

Electrical Wiring for a Shed

Installing The Correct Size GFCI Circuit Breaker

  • You cannot protect a 30 amp circuit with a 20 amp GFCI outlet.
  • Circuit wiring, circuit breaker and the outlets must be sized properly to maintain circuit integrity.
  • Protect the individual circuits that will be readily accessible with a GFCI device, outlet or circuit breaker.

GFCI Wiring
GFCI Wiring

GFCI Wiring

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Be Careful and Be Safe - Never Work on Energized Circuits!
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One Response to “GFCI Circuit Protection for Shed Wiring”
  1. Doug Bernitt says:

    I installed a 2-pole 30 amp breaker in my main panel to feed 10-3 UF cable to my barn. I then installed a sub panel in my barn to feed individual branch circuits. I protected each circuit with a GFCI recepticle. Ensure that the circuit breakers do not exceed the rating of the cable being used. Also, ensure that the neutrals and grounds in sub panel are NOT connected together. They must be isolated from each other with only the ground bonded to the metal panel.

    Doug Bernitt
    Master Electrician


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