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Generator Questions and Answers

Summary: Answers to Questions about Installing and Wiring Home Generator Systems.

How to Ground a Portable Generator and Make a Power Box

How to Get Power from a Portable Generator: 3Wire Generator Plug, 4Wire Generator Plug, 120 Volt Portable Power From a 4Wire Outlet of a Portable Power, Connecting a Portable Generator to a Home Panel. Read more...

Connecting a Generator to Your Home

How to Connect a Generator to a Home: Planning and Installing a Generator with a Transfer Switch:In all you preparation and planning for your generator set up just keep in mind that the limitation is based on the size of your generator and the type of generator that you purchase. Read more...

Connecting a Generator to a Home

How to Connect a Generator to a Home: Safe Methods for Connecting a Home Generator, Approved Transfer Switch, Circuit Breaker Interlock Kit, Well Pumps and other 220 Volt Circuits, Sensitive Electronic Devices and Equipment, Connecting the Generator. Read more...

How to Size a Generator For Your Home

How to Size a Generator for Your Home Electrical Requirements: Generator Transfer Switch and Circuit Panel. Read more...

How to Install Generator Power for Your Home

How to Connect a Generator Transfer Switch to the Home Panel: Wiring the Generator Circuits, Read more...

Generator Transfer Switch Using Circuit Breakers

How a Circuit Breaker Interlock Kit Works as a Generator Transfer Switch. This photo from a job site shows how I installed a Circuit Breaker Generator Transfer Interlock device which allows either the main electrical panel breaker or the generator feed circuit breaker to be on, but never both. Read more...

Understanding the Capacity of Electric Generators

How to Calculate the Load Requirements and the Generator Load Capacity: The nameplate of the generator provides information about the load capacity Read more...

Before You Buy a Generator You Should Read This

This One Item is Often Overlooked When Choosing a Home Generator: If the generator is rated too small then you risk overloading the generator Read more...

Sizing a Generator Transfer Switch

Here are the Steps for Sizing a Generator Transfer Switch: The rating and size of all the electrical components of the system should be sized properly. Read more...

How to Wire a Generator Cord

Connecting a 3wire and 4wire Cord to a Home Generator: Connecting a 3Wire and 4Wire Cord to a Generator: If the receptacle on the generator is a 3wire type then a 3-wire cord and male connector body should be used. If the generator receptacle is a 4-wire type then a 4wire cord and male connector body should be used. Read more...

Generator Receptacle Configurations

Generator Receptacle Configurations and Electrical Connections – The NEMA 6-15r does not have a neutral which is required for the additional 120 volt receptacles that you would like to add. Read more...

Home Generator Transfer Switch Options

Selecting a Transfer Switch for your Home Generator – This series covers a wide variety of topics all about home generators including sizing, selecting, connecting and safely operating this all important power source to your home. Read more...

Understanding Home Generator Panels

Planning a Generator and Transfer Switch Installation – Generator Panels for Your Essential Circuits – The generator panel can then be connected to the source power receptacle of the generator. If possible the generator should be installed in the same area as the electrical panel. Read more...

Types of Generator Transfer Switches

Generator Transfer Switches and Generator Panels – All generators have their own circuit protection which is normally found at the power connection area, however the circuit cable wiring which connects the generator to the home electrical system must be protected as well and the location of this protection will depend on the method or type of transfer switch that is selected and the size of the circuit protection will depend on the size of the home generator. Read more...

Can A Dryer Be Connected to a Generator?

Generator Power for an Electric Dryer – It is common that the ground and the neutral are bonded at the generator power source unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer or application specific wiring requirements. Read more...

Estimating The Cost To Install A Home Generator

How to Estimate the Cost to Install a Home Generator: Factors that will Effect the Cost of a Home Generator Installation – Type of Fuel and the Amount of Fuel that will be Available for the Generator, Fuel Considerations and Hours of Operation of a Home Generator, Local Standards and Ordinances. Read more...

How to Ground a Home Generator

Grounding a Generator and the Home Electrical System: Bonding the Home Ground Electrical System – Installing an additional ground rod would not be necessary, but bonding the generator ground to the main home electrical ground system is highly recommended even with a stand alone generator Read more...

Safely Connecting a Home Generator

How to Connect Generator Power to a Home: The electrical power connection of a generator to the home electrical system must be made safe to avoid damaging the generator or creating a hazardous condition for the home electrical system and the utility company. Read more...

How to Prepare an Electrical Panel for a Generator

Identify the Condition of Electrical Circuits to Prepare for a Generator : When planning to install a generator it is best to survey the existing electrical system of the home to avoid any problems and have a safe and functional system when generator power is needed. As we see from this photo and the condition of the electrical circuits as described there are some areas of concern that will need to be addressed. Read more...

How to Wire a Generator Transfer Switch

The Basic Wiring Configuration for a Generator Transfer Switch: Each Wiring Termination must be correct for the Power Conductors of the Line or Load.
Neutral conductors are attached to the Neutral Terminal Block. All enclosures and equipment must be grounded and bonded. Common Misunderstandings or Mistakes when Wiring Generator Transfer Switches. Read more...

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